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LAND OR SEA Meat Or Fish Masterclass by Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Cookery School at Little Portland Street

15B Little Portland Street London W1W 8BW United Kingdom


As the famous pioneer, Alexander Graham Bell, once said, ‘Before anything else, preparation is the key to success’. Without a prepared environment, a kitchen is just another open space. But, armed with the right tools, skills and techniques, it can become a place of artistry. Boning, stuffing, skinning, filleting and carving – you have the opportunity to master it all and create a meat or fish feast, fit for a king.

"Well appointed, brilliantly staffed and imaginatively taught, I wish every day was a school day!"
-The Guardian


  • Ultimate 5.5-Hour Meat & Poultry or Fish & Shellfish cooking class

  • For Meat & Poultry, learn about the sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients, different cuts of meat and which cooking method is most appropriate (and take away with you a boned and stuffed chicken to cook at home)

  • For Fish & Shellfish, learn how to choose, prepare and cook the freshest sustainable fish and shellfish and master techniques such as skinning, filleting and boning

  • At the end of the class, sit down around the Cookery School table to enjoy a feast of either meat or fish accompanied by matched wines and ending with a dessert and coffee or tea

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The idea of preparing a whole fish or chicken for a meal can be rather intimidating and as a result, there are many parts that often go unused, leaving some of the best bits to be thrown in the garbage. During this masterclass, the emphasis is on minimal wastage and maximum flavour.

Cookery School prides itself on sustainable learning. While they appreciate that fish, meat and poultry are a part of the dinner table for most households, they ensure that responsible sourcing is first and foremost. The fish and meat used is always seasonal, line-caught or locally farmed. In addition to learning to cook beautiful dishes, the expert chefs will teach you how to judge freshness, and tell the difference between organic and inorganic ingredients.

Whether choosing meat and poultry or fish and shellfish, your 5.5-hour masterclass will take you on a journey from farms and sea right to the dinner table. For meat and poultry, you’ll learn about different cuts of meat, various techniques such as boning and stuffing and which cooking method creates the most succulent meat. You will also learn how to use a chicken four ways so that no part of the bird is wasted. Using the beautiful chicken stock produced during the session, you’ll make a risotto using seasonal vegetables.

For fish and shellfish, you’ll learn where to source the best seafood and how to judge its freshness. You’ll be shown how to prepare it, using the relevant knife skills to help you to correctly fillet and gut a fresh fish, or ready your shellfish for cooking. You’ll then discover a variety of cooking techniques, such as grilling, steaming, poaching, baking and sautéing.

The class starts with either a snack or a breakfast of freshly baked treats, depending on the time of day, and ends with a feast of flavours as you tuck into the dishes you’ve prepared. On completion of your day, you’ll receive an email with a comprehensive description of each technique used, as well as the recipes of your meat or fish feast.

More About Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Cookery School at Little Portland Street, located in the heart of London, is renowned for its approachable and effective cooking classes that cater to all skill levels. The school prides itself on using the best organic and sustainable ingredients in a welcoming, state-of-the-art kitchen environment.

Classes cover a broad range of cuisines and cooking techniques, ensuring there's something for every type of culinary enthusiast. From beginner to advanced courses, the school offers a hands-on experience that is both informative and enjoyable, aiming to inspire confidence and creativity in every student.


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15B Little Portland Street London W1W 8BW United Kingdom

On selected dates throughout the year. Availability will be provided by your Truly concierge at the time of booking. Unavailable on bank holidays and other holidays.


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