Hi there, Jack here at Truly. Thank you for visiting us and we hope you find the perfect experience on your visit.

At Truly, our mission is to Deliver Happiness through Inspirational Experiences. Experiences that you or your loved ones can’t wait to go on, memories worth sharing and collecting.

I started the company several years ago because I was looking for a wedding present for a friend of mine from business school. I wanted to get my friend and his wife something they can share, something they’d remember - not something that would simply gather dust.

I looked around at the experience providers at the time and found them lacking. The experiences were not inspirational and the very fact that you had to show up with a printed paper voucher made me cringe, because I knew my friends would feel like second class citizens.

So we did away with all that. Our business principles are simple: curate experiences people actually want to go on (that we, ourselves, would want to go on), and deliver the best possible customer service (that includes booking you in so that you just show-up and give your name).

Fast forward to today, I’m joined by a global and diverse group of colleagues, who, quite frankly, are much much better at curating amazing experiences and delighting customers than I will ever be. We’re also joined by our global and diverse set of hospitality partners, who, through their vivid passion, are able to create the most amazing memories for our customers.

And we’re simply humbled to have you, our customers, share and entrust your life celebrations with us.

If there’s ever anything I can assist you with, please feel free to email me directly. Or just simply say ‘hi’.

Jack, CEO & Founder

[email protected]

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