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LIFE IN ACTION Self-Made Documentary by Vandercom Films

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Not everyone makes monumental discoveries or starts movements of global change, but everyone's story is important. After all, we all contribute to the tapestry that is life on earth.With this experience, you get to tell your story in a 25-minute documentary by an award-winning filmmaking company. You'll get all the benefits of a professional film production, one of them being the guidance of a filmmaker. The filmmaker will listen to you, paying attention to your story in order to better understand you. Doing so enables them to capture the real you in your film. It's a powerful, memorable experience that produces something the family will treasure.

"An incredible experience from start to finish. The team was professional and made the process of creating my documentary seamless and enjoyable. Highly recommend this service. "
-J. Anderson


  • Preparations for the production via phone or video call

  • Filmmaker assistance for self-filming of the interview with the narrator and for self-filming and commentary going through photo albums

  • A digital copy of the finished 25-minute film in High Definition

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It’s the photos, keepsakes, heirlooms, and hand-me-downs that help make family history personal. Suddenly all those names take on life and personality. Make your contribution to the story of your family by sharing the story of who you are in a beautiful film.

The experience includes an interview with the narrator, interviews with contributing friends and family members, filming, editing, and more. It’s a wonderful opportunity to look back on your life, and to share with your loved ones some of the wisdom you’ve gained. No onsite visits are required.

How It Works


Making your documentary film begins with pre-production, and you can do the prep for that via phone or video call. Next comes an interview with the filmmaker, during which you can share your story, starting from the day of your birth. 

The filmmaker will use their understanding of you to guide you through telling your life story in a way that makes for engaging, compelling viewing. You’ll also use the pre-production phase as a chance to go through your photo albums, and to find treasured items and keepsakes. The filmmaker will use all this to create the production brief that will guide the next part of the process. 

Filming and Interviews

Shortly after the production phase begins, you’ll hear the famous cry, “Action!” and the camera will start recording. 

You’ll be interviewed, other contributors will be interviewed, and you’ll be filmed going through photo albums and providing commentary on the photos you want to highlight. The filmmaker will also film some of your life today, and don’t be surprised if spontaneous creative ideas change a few things – the two days of filming are a chance to experience filmmaking’s magic!

Completing the Film

The post-production phase brings the film footage, commentary, interviews, and even home video clips together. This is when the editing team works to create a film that is sure to make an impression on you and your friends and family. Halfway through the process, the team will check in with you for accuracy. 

If there are any changes to be made, this is when the team will make them. When the team’s happy with the production, they will lock the picture and prepare the completed film before delivering it to you in digital form.


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