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Who doesn't love a good love story? From Ishtar and Tammuz, to Romeo and Juliet, humans have enjoyed great romance stories since storytelling began. Even action and adventure stories often include a romantic element - a sure sign that love's what makes the world go round, and that everybody wants to feel it. Telling your authentic love story in an expertly crafted film by Vandercom Films is a magical experience that lives forever.



  • Preparations for the production via phone, video call or in person

  • Interview with the storyteller coupler

  • Interviews with family members or friends for specific parts of the story

  • A digital copy of the finished 45-minute film in High Definition

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It could have been a chance meeting on a night when you said you would rather stay home, a meeting at work during which all sorts of sparks flew, or a persistent chase that paid off. Everyone has their own special story of how the universe conspired to bring about a sequence of events that set you and your partner on a life path together. Vandercom’s team of carefully selected filmmakers will capture your love story in a romantic film for family and friends to treasure and enjoy. From humorous tales of getting together, to the special moments that remain fresh in hearts and minds, it’s the greatest love story you ever told. Bespoke options are also available if you would like to add to your experience by using actors to recreate special moments in your life. We can recreate your first meeting, the engagement, or even your wedding day for your love story documentary.Setting the StageChat to your filmmaker about your story, including the main points, dates, and events you want to cover. You can start at the moment you first saw your partner, when you had your first conversation, or when you (or they) asked you to go on that momentous first date. Your filmmaker will help you to tell a story that will keep viewers glued to the screen. The pre-production stage also gives you a chance to go through your photo albums and to find any keepsakes from big and small moments in your relationship, such as cinema or theatre tickets, a funfair prize, dried flowers, or that piece of wedding cake at the back of the freezer. The filmmaking team will use that information to create the production brief. With that in place, you can get ready for the next stage. Lights, Camera, Action!Your conversations with the filmmaker, as well as selected photos and mementos, set the stage for the production phase of the experience. The fun of production begins when the filmmaker says, “Action!” Your memories will be captured on camera, important moments may be recreated, and you may even find that other creative ideas are made manifest at this time. It’s during production that you’ll experience the real magic of making films. It's a WrapOnce the filming has been wrapped up, the editing team will start editing the footage in line with the production brief created during pre-production and taking into account any new ideas that came up during the filming process. Halfway through post-production, the team will check in with you for accuracy. If any changes need to be made, this is when that will happen. When the post-production team’s happy with the picture, they will lock it and prepare the finished film, before supplying it to you in digital form. You can then share your inspiring love story with friends and family.


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