Coffee Tasting Experiences London

Step into the enchanting world of coffee with our expertly curated coffee tasting experiences in London. Master the art of coffee roasting, uncover the precision of expert brewing techniques, and perfect your pouring skills. Immerse yourself in the rich aromas and complex flavours that define the craft of high-quality coffee.

Experience a journey beyond the ordinary. Our offerings blend multisensory insights with practical, hands-on learning. Learn from top-tier baristas and roasters as they reveal the subtleties of coffee bean selection and grinding. Discover the craftsmanship involved in latte art and gain a deeper understanding of your favourite brew—from bean to cup.

Explore our unique experiences and connect with the soul of London's coffee scene.

How to Taste Coffee (like an expert)

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Other Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Tasting Experiences

1. What's the difference between espresso and brewing?

Espresso is made by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee under high pressure, producing a concentrated, bold shot. Brewing, such as drip or French press, involves hot water passing slowly over coarser grounds, resulting in a lighter, more nuanced coffee.

2. Which coffee is stronger, short or long?

Short coffee, such as espresso, is generally stronger than long coffee. Espresso is concentrated, delivering a robust flavour and higher caffeine content per ounce. Long coffee, brewed over a longer period, is more diluted, resulting in a milder taste and less caffeine per serving.