Luxury Tea Tasting London

Discover the exquisite world of luxury tea tasting in London. Each sip offers a voyage through lush tea gardens and the refined craftsmanship of tea masters.London's prestigious tea history provides a backdrop for sessions that go beyond mere tasting to a full sensory education. You'll learn to identify the nuanced differences in aroma, flavour profile, and liquor that define premium teas.

Each curated tasting enhances your understanding of tea infusions, focusing on how brewing variables like temperature and time affect flavour. From the robust depth of Assam to the light floral touch of Darjeeling, experts share insights into each tea's distinct tasting notes. Whether you're a devoted tea lover or a novice, these tastings delve into the cultural and scientific aspects of tea, offering a comprehensive exploration of its complex flavours and aromas. Enjoy the ritual and discover the intricate dance of tastes and scents in every cup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tea Tastings

1. Are there any specific tasting notes I should be aware of when sampling different teas?

Yes, each type of tea comes with its unique tasting notes. For instance:

  • Black Tea: Look for notes of malt, chocolate, or spices.
  • Green Tea: Expect grassy, vegetal, or nutty flavours.
  • Oolong Tea: Offers a range of tastes from floral to creamy and even fruity.

2.How does the water temperature affect the tea's flavour during infusion?

The temperature of the water plays a crucial role in tea infusion. Different teas require different temperatures to optimally release their flavours and aromas. For instance, green teas often need cooler water (about 70-80°C) to prevent bitterness, while black teas are best brewed with hotter water (around 90-100°C) to extract their full, rich flavours.