Agent November

SECRET AGENT SYNDICATE Spy Game by Agent November

Agent November

Woburn Place London NW1 1HS United Kingdom

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Unlock your inner detective with a thrilling mission spy mission in the heart of London. Choosing from three unique themes, you and your team will race against the clock to solve the clues at a crime scene and prevent a criminal mastermind from causing chaos. A fully immersive experience of investigation and espionage, one question remains: Do you and your team of secret agents have what it takes to complete your mission?

"You’ll be cracking clues all over London."
-The Standard


  • Riveting 60-minute adventure mission game for up to five guests

  • Confront a criminal mastermind with professional actors providing authentic acting

  • Choose from three thrilling mission themes, available both outdoors and indoors upon request

  • Collaborate with your friends as a team of secret agents

  • Receive a briefing before the game and a debriefing afterwards

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Fulfill your dreams of becoming a top secret agent in an unforgettable escape game experience against the clock. Creating riveting experiences of immersive theatre and espionage, Agent November’s missions are sure to test your problem-solving and investigative skills. With only a trail of clues and your thinking caps, it’s up to you and your team of secret agent recruits to ensure the streets of London are kept safe from the grasps of a criminal mastermind. Based on your request, your mission will take place either indoors or outdoors. Prior to the start of your mission, your team of secret agents will receive a mission briefing, only providing you with the facts you need to uncover the mysteries. Along the way, you’ll interact with professional actors to ensure an authentic, fun-filled puzzle solving experience. Just don’t give too much away - you never know who you can trust. Choose from three different mission briefs, each with their own unique theme. In the Major X Ploe-Shun mission, you’ll be tasked with defusing an E.M.P. device in order to prevent it from detonating and wiping out crucial information that Agent November needs. In the Murder Mr.E mission, you must solve the murder of Mr E. Without solving the case, you could be next! In the Rainbow Syndicate mission, you must navigate from location to location, solving puzzles to work out where the stolen goods are. You must recover them in time before they disappear into the murky criminal underworld forever! The perfect team-building adventure for you and your friends, you’ll have to really work together as a slick team of secret agents to ensure the criminal mastermind you are up against does not prevail. One question remains - are you up to the challenge?


Great outdoor escape experience - perfect for lockdown

We really enjoyed this experience and Agent November got into the experience without giving us too much help.

Ian - 27th Jul, 2020


Woburn Place London NW1 1HS United Kingdom

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