An image of people standing outside a house, In search of The East India Company in the City of London. Lisa Honan

IN SEARCH OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY Private Tour in the City of London by Lisa Honan

Lisa Honan

Fish St Hill London EC3R 8AH United Kingdom


Join Lisa on a fascinating tour of the City of London, discovering the places linked to the East India Company. The Company of adventure merchants - some might say the Pirates of the Indian Ocean - was the world’s largest multinational company and the architects of Empire. It changed what we ate, drank and wore. We will start our story in 1600 and finish in present day. This walking tour gives a unique insight to the East India Company. As a Governor of St Helena between 2016 - 2019, Lisa was fortunate to live on an island which the EIC owned until 1854. Lisa Honan was the first, and so far, only woman Governor of St Helena in 500 years of St Helena’s history.

"Interesting tour revealing a little known aspect of British history"


  • Two-hour private 'East India Company' walking tour

  • Explore East India Company sites and history with former St Helena Governor Lisa Honan. Learn how their influence transformed global trade and their governance over 300 million people in India.

  • Tour from Monument to the Great Fire of London to The Royal Exchange, with optional refreshment stop.

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A two hour walking tour of the streets of the City of London (ie. the Square Mile) visiting the sites associated with the East India Company and hearing about its history. We will cover the period from 1600 to the present day. As a former Governor of a British Overseas Territory- St Helena - which was governed by the East India Company for 200 years, Lisa has a unique insight into the East India Company and indeed, Lisa lived in the mansion that was built for East India Company Governors on St Helena in 1792. You will visit the courtyard where the Company first began in the 17th century and journey through the Company history as we uncover different sites along the way. You will hear about how the East India Company changed what the world ate, drank, and wore through its by trade with India, Indonesia, China and more. You will also hear how it ruled over 300 million people in India and some of the battles it undertook with its army, as well as how it caused the Boston Tea party and sparked the desire for American independence. Over the years its employees were variously called merchants, adventurers, pirates, traders, imperialists. And at its peak it was the largest multinational corporation in the world. We will start at the Monument to the Great Fire of London and finish at The Royal Exchange where you will have a cup of English tea in Fortnum and Mason or a drink in the Libertine bar in the vaults of the Royal Exchange.


Fish St Hill London EC3R 8AH United Kingdom

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