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BREWING IN BRIXTON Create Your Very Own Beer by London Beer Lab

London Beer Lab

Arch 41 Nursery Road London SW9 8BP United Kingdom

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Nestled under the railway arches in Brixton, the London Beer Lab is the longest established provider of beer making workshops in London, helping guide thousands of happy hoppers through the art of making their own special brew. Provided with all the equipment, ingredients, and beery inspiration, the expert instructors will aid you in crafting your recipe and guide you through the brew process - no previous experience necessary.

"Embrace alcohol head-on by learning to brew your own beer"
-The Resident


  • Beer brewing workshop at London Beer Lab (five hours)

  • Create your own batch of beer in a group of three

  • Craft your own recipe with guidance from expert brewers

  • Brew approximately 20 litres (60 x 330ml bottles) of moderate strength beer

  • Fermentation of your brew will be done at London Beer Lab's brewery

  • Return after three to four weeks to bottle your beer

  • Take home 60 bottles of your own brew for your group

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Brew your own craft beers during this half-day brewing workshop at the London Beer Lab. Tucked under the railway arches in Brixton, the independent micro-brewery offers a complete brewing experience from stalk and bine to frothy pint. The philosophy of founders Bruno Alajouanine and Karl O'Connor is simple – to teach Londoner's how to make beer.

There are few feelings as rewarding as making something from scratch. To start with, you need to make a decision on the style of beer your group would like to brew. A recipe will be crafted by the London Beer Lab brewers for you based on criteria you provide. Then it's time to measure out the grains and mash in. During the mash your instructor will give an overview of the whole brewing process from start to finish, while sampling different grains and hops. After the mash, you will need to sparge the grain prior to bringing the wort to the boil. Once boiling, hop additions will be made prior to cooling and transfer to a sanitized fermenter. A gravity check will be made and you'll add your yeast before moving the beer to a temperature controlled room to ferment. Once fermentation has taken place, London Beer Lab will get in touch to arrange a time to return to bottle your beer. And just one week later, you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour by picking up your very own batch of approximately 60 bottled beers to share with friends and family!

More About London Beer Lab

 London Beer Lab is the brainchild of Bruno Alajouanine and Karl O'Connor, who realised that many potential home-brewers live in flats too small for home-brewing

London Beer Lab is an independent brewery and taproom located in South London. It was founded with a mission to make brewing accessible to everyone. The brewery offers a diverse range of craft beers, focusing on innovation and quality. Visitors can enjoy a selection of freshly brewed beers in the taproom or participate in brewing workshops and tasting sessions. London Beer Lab is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly practices and sourcing local ingredients. It has received positive recognition for its community-driven approach and unique beer offerings.

Additional Information

No previous brewing experience is required and this workshop is suitable for complete novices.

What can you brew? The London Beer Lab have many tried and tested recipes which covers a large amount of beer styles, however if you are a very clear idea of what you'd like to brew please get in touch and we shall do our best to enable you to brew whatever you wish. Due to recommended fermentation temperature, we strongly advise against trying to brew a lager or pilsner style beer as London Beer Lab cannot accommodate the lagering process.

In the interest of safety, please wear appropriate shoes as it is a working environment and the floor does get get and slippery.

Please note, over 18s only.


Interesting and fun

Levett - 24th Jun, 2024

Lots of fun!

Great time!

Jerome - 12th Feb, 2023

A great brew

A lovely welcome, the host was really friendly and the experience was well organised.

Tim - 23rd Dec, 2022


Arch 41 Nursery Road London SW9 8BP United Kingdom

Workshops take place on Saturdays at 1:00pm Please contact your Truly Concierge for more information.


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