Unique Cheese and Wine Tasting in London

Shop the largest selection of luxury wine and cheese tastings in London. From curated wine and cheese flights to expert-led tastings. For novices looking to learn, all the way to wine connoisseurs and aspiring sommeliers. Perfect for a couples' date night or as a wedding gift.  

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Simple Rules for Pairing Wine & Cheese

1) Wines and Cheeses from the same country tend to work well together.

2) The more acidic the wine, the more it can cut through fatty flavours.

3) The saltier the cheese, the more it can enhance the body or texture of the wine.

4) Pair wines and cheeses of similar intensities and complexities. (ie, a full and complex wine will overpower a delicate cheese, so try a more delicate wine instead)

5) Don't just stick with red; sparkling, dessert, orange or rose wines are great to experiment with too.

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