Live Like a Spy: Immersive Espionage Experience for Two

London & Secret European City

Valid for 1 years

“Act out [your] le Carré fantasies” The Wall Street Journal

Why we love it

Step into the shoes of an agent, and live a parallel life, exploring the ins and outs of international intelligence on this immersive game of espionage written and designed by former UK and international intelligence professionals.

What's Included?

  • For two months, live a parallel life, mirroring that of an international spy. This bespoke game for two people allows the subjects to go about their every day lives unaffected, with covert espionage engagement roughly every week
  • Develop traditional espionage skills, including tradecraft, agent recruitment, and the use of covert communications
  • Experience a real-time surveillance operation, as well as the use of disguise in an operational scenario
  • As the adventure unfolds, every action you make will dictate the next turn, the conclusion of which will lead to an overnight stay in one of Europe’s historic spy capitals
  • In the end, you will receive a visual record documenting your time as a spy

Exclusive to TRULY

  • This experience is unique to Truly guests

Live Like a Spy: Immersive Espionage Experience for Two