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STREET STYLE 3-Hour Street Photography with Award-Winning Photographer Nick Turpin

Nick Turpin - Insider

Great Russell Street London WC1B 3DG United Kingdom

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Join celebrated street photographer, Nick Turpin, on a photographic and historical journey through some of the busiest and most iconic locations of central London. Nick will introduce you to street photography strategy and technique, where you learn how to identify and capture the significant, the beautiful and the unusual in the everyday.

"I can guarantee that if you take this walk you will never look at the city in quite the same way again"
-Seen Magazine


  • A three-hour street photography tour of London

  • Professional and former Independent photographer, Nick Turpin will introduce you to street photography strategy and technique

  • Learn how to identify and capture the significant and the unusual in an everyday street setting

  • Enjoy refreshments throughout the day

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Considered “one of the best” street photographers in the world by BBC News, Nick Turpin’s passion for the lens developed at an early age. After leaving university, he spent seven years as a photographer with The Independent. In 2000, he founded the international street photographer’s group, iN-PUBLiC - an institution that has played a major role in the resurgence of interest in the approach to street photography. An experience with Nick will weave in and out of London history, looking at the past and present of the city through the street lens. Imagine looking into your camera and seeing London - today’s bustling streets and life - then looking away and seeing London, as it appeared in the past. This established photographer will help you see the extraordinary in the every day; he will teach you to be attentive enough to make the most out of the street setting to produce great images. Starting at The British Museum, make your way south via Charing Cross Road, Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus and down to Trafalgar Square. As you snap away, Nick will show you some iconic images of the streets over the centuries. By comparing the images on your camera to those from the past, notice how the streets have remained the stage for social, historical and political plays to unravel every day. The images you capture will contribute to the continuation of this historical record. This experience encourages you to increase your confidence in photographing candidly in public places, allowing you to grow your own unique voice as a photographer.


The 5 stars is for the experience with Nick Turpin who was excellent. I would suggest that you need to increase your level of pre-experience dialogue with the supplier and client as this experience wo...

Chris - 26th Sep, 2021

Combining learning and fun!

Nick was fascinating to listen to, a great educator and coach and on top of that a truly nice chap! Iain and I learnt so much, had great fun and took brilliant street photos. Loved it!

Anna - 15th Aug, 2019

A must for any photographer

It was a really good morning (to say nothing of how beautiful a day it was) - We started at the British Museum with a sit down and a talk through Nick's background and the principles of creative stree...

Darren - 23rd Jun, 2019


Great Russell Street London WC1B 3DG United Kingdom

Available daily at 10am, subject to Nick's availability


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