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PURE MAGIC Private Meandering Magic Tour And Molecular Cocktail Masterclass

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Delve into the mystery and allure of magical charm in a privately guided magic tour of London. Uncover the untold secrets and stories that lie beneath the walls and streets of the ancient city, guided by an award-winning magician. Continue the allure of magic with fogs, airs and foams with a molecular mixology masterclass at Purl. The 19th century-style bar brings back cocktails forgotten from the prohibition to life with great flare and innovation. This experience promises to unleash your imagination and amaze the senses.


  • Embark on a two-hour privately-guided magical tour of London for two people

  • Delight in a private 30-minute magic show with James Pritchard or Wayne Trice

  • Enjoy a molecular mixology cocktail masterclass at Purl for two people

  • Learn how to create three cocktails and participate in mixing two of them

  • Enjoy your cocktails served alongside a selection of bar snacks

  • Service charge is included

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Indulge in the enchantment of London's magical history during our exclusive two-hour privately-guided tour, designed for a duo seeking an extraordinary experience. Your guides, esteemed magicians and members of The Magic Circle, James Pritchard and Wayne Trice, are your magical mentors on this captivating journey. Step back in time as you explore the entrancing story of London's magic legacy, spanning a mesmerizing century. London has been a global hub for magical entertainment, and its secrets are waiting to be unveiled. Your adventure takes you to the heart of the West End, a district already famous for its theaters but also steeped in hidden enchantment. Imagine standing where Houdini once performed his death-defying escapes, or reliving the ghostly spectacles that once left London audiences spellbound. For devotees of the wizarding world, your tour includes a visit to the real-life inspiration behind Diagon Alley, the beloved locale from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Throughout the tour, you'll be regaled with captivating stories about legendary magicians, their intense rivalries, and the incredible feats that left crowds awestruck. As you delve into the realms of mysticism and the occult that have woven into London's tapestry, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the profound impact of magic on the city's history. But the grand finale awaits—a private 30-minute magic show, presented exclusively for you by James Pritchard or Wayne Trice. Prepare to be astonished and entertained by their unrivaled skills and artistry. It's a rare opportunity to witness magic up close, rekindling the wonder and excitement of a child. Join us on this extraordinary journey to uncover the secrets of London's magical past. From iconic magic venues to the depths of mysticism, this experience promises to be an unforgettable adventure. Prepare to be spellbound as you rediscover the magic of London's captivating history.


A fun experience overall

Wayne was brilliant - very informative and an accomplished magician. We did feel, however, that the hotel used for the private magic show wasn’t very private. Lots of people sitting around, chatting.....

Caroline - 01st Mar, 2020

The experience we'll talk about for years to come...

The experience we'll talk about for years to come...

Matthias - 28th Oct, 2019

Best afternoon out in London. Ever

We were greeted by James on Picadilly. The weather was perfect for the tour. We found him to be funny, highly knowledgable and skilled about his craft which came across in his detailed but entertainin...

Duncan - 19th Aug, 2019


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