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BEAR WITH US Polar Bear Arctic Expedition

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Churchill R0B 0E0 Canada


Embark on a 7-day expedition into the Candian Northland, to experience the rarest polar bear sightings on planet earth. But this epic adventure doesn't end there: helicopter into the polar bears' denning area, experience the boreal forest on an authentic dog sled ride, and explore the frontier town of Churchill. When darkness descends, keep your fingers crossed for a view of the northern lights. Bear with us - this experience is out of this world!

"Without exception - this was the best trip of my life"
-Natural Habitat Adventures


  • Embark on a 7-day Arctic expedition through Northern Canada

  • Go polar bear viewing aboard a customised-vehicle

  • Take a helicopter ride to a Polar Bear Den

  • Experience the boreal forest on an authentic dog sled ride

  • Explore the frontier town of Churchill and Winnipeg, once the centre of fur-trading

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Are you up for the ultimate Arctic adventure? Seeing a polar bear in the flesh will give you the ‘chills’ for more than one reason. Begin the expedition in Winnipeg, once a fur-trading center and later a boomtown for Canadian rail. From there you’ll jet out to Churchill via private charter plane. This frontier town is home to less than a thousand people and a few hundred polar bears that congregate on the edge of Hudson Bay. Explore the stark but truly mesmerising Arctic wilderness by Polar Rover. These custom vehicles have a steel mesh outdoor viewing platform, for the closest possible bear encounters. Watch the bears roam, play and interact—often putting on a show for guests at close range. Take to the air and survey the frozen landscape by helicopter. From this vantage point you’ll be able to search for roaming bears and caribou below. Landing on the tundra, explore on foot, looking for Arctic fox and Arctic hare. For the brave, the opportunity to crawl inside a polar bear den (unoccupied of course). From the skies take to the ground, and learn the life of a musher. Head out for an unforgettable ride under pure canine power behind an eager team of huskies. The immersion into Northern culture continues as hosts from Churchill’s indigenous culture share their traditions and daily routines. These storytellers offer insight into the vibrant nations that have flourished for generations in this harsh environment.If the skies are clear, visit a heated Aurora Dome in hopes of finding the Northern Lights. The shimmering curtain of electric lights is the perfect crescendo to a once in a lifetime Arctic expedition.


Churchill R0B 0E0 Canada

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