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ARTISTIC AMSTERDAM Art Focused Break with Private Tour of the Van Gogh Museum

Getaway & Restaurant Vermeer Amsterdam & Van Gogh Museum

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Art has been the beating heart and soul of Amsterdam for centuries. The city is awash with a number of internationally renowned galleries, including the famed Van Gogh Museum, home to the single largest collection of the Dutch master's work. Staying in a leading 5-star hotel, enjoying the finest Michelin star cuisine and privately touring the Van Gogh Museum with your own personal art historian, find out what makes Amsterdam a great place for artists to live, learn and work.

"The Van Gogh Museum is one of Amsterdam's must-sees"
-Lonely Planet


  • Two-night stay for two people in a 5-star hotel in central Amsterdam

  • Six-course tasting menu dinner at Michelin star rated, Restaurant Vermeer

  • Two-hour private tour of Van Gogh Museum with professional art historian, including admission for two

  • Personalised itinerary, including tips, locations and timings

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Experience Amsterdam's vibrant art scene, and get intimately acquainted works of Vincent Van Gogh, one of the definitive figures of the Impressionist movement. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam houses the world's largest collection of painters work, and as a result is the most visited museum in Holland, as well as being one the most visited in the world. The museum consists of about 200 paintings and 500 drawings by Van Gogh and his contemporaries, such as Gauguin, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec and Bernard. A place of homage for art enthusiasts across the world, the museum provides an in-depth look at the artist's life, as well as his work and far-reaching influence. Born in 1853, the artist had a short but astonishingly productive life. Through his paintings, the museum chronicles his journey from Holland, where his work was dark and sombre, to Paris, where, under the influence of the impressionists, he discovered vivid colour. From there he moved to Arles, where he was incredibly productive, often completing a canvas every day. To give you a deeper insight into the works of Van Gogh, and an understanding of the milieu that influenced his tortured genius, your Amsterdam art break includes a private tour of the Van Gogh museum. Led by a professional art historian, who has featured as a Dutch art expert on various BBC documentaries, your private tour provides an unmatched journey into the Dutch Impressionist and post-Impressionist movement. With a professional art historian showing you around the museum's daunting collection of Van Gogh's work, which is the most extensive in existence, you will no doubt enjoy a deeply informative museum experience like no other. For two hours, your guide will show you around the museum's impressive collections, providing unparalleled insight into the history that underpins this wonderful period in Dutch art. To ensure you enjoy the best cuisine the city has to offer, you will be booked in to enjoy an unforgettable seven-course tasting menu at Michelin star rated, Restaurant Vermeer. Situated upon the grounds of the historic NH Barbizon Palace, Restaurant Vermeer is simply bursting with character. The elegantly lavish decor provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy expertly prepared dishes such as sea bass with white asparagus, cockles and seaweed onion bouillon, and strawberry millefeuille filled with strawberry, pistachios and honey ice cream. Stylish and graceful, the restaurant would have no doubt appealed to its namesake, famed old master of the Dutch Golden Age, Johannes Vermeer, who, much like the restaurant, was well known for skill and precision in his craft. For the duration of your time in the Dutch capital, you will be staying in a leading 5-star hotel right in the heart of Amsterdam. The exact hotel will depend on your dates of travel, with full details outlined in your personalised itinerary. From your central base you will be well-positioned to discover Amsterdam in all its glory. World-famous as a liberal landmark, behind Amsterdam’s risqué bravado lies an enchantingly beautiful art scene, with a truly unique culture that begs to be explored. We will also provide you with a personalised itinerary for your trip, which will include all the dates, times, and locations you need, as well as our definitive guide to getting the best out of this grand European capital and all it has to offer.


Wonderful trip

Unique hotel, wonderful meal at Vermeer, and our guide at the Van Gogh was both very interesting and helpful.

Lisa - 07th Jul, 2018

An unforgettable experience

Received this Amsterdam break from my partner. I love to cycle and Amsterdam is the perfect setting for that. A casual pedal along the canals makes for a great afternoon. If it rains, then pop into on...

Amos Wong - 05th Sep, 2014

Van Gogh Museum a Must

It is a must go place if you love impressionism painting, Van Gogh Museum will not let you down, it showcases a large collection of this great artist's paintings, do allow yourself 3 hours in the muse...

Lori Armstrong - 05th Sep, 2014


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