An image of a couple walking through a vineyard, Bolney Wine Estate. Bolney Wine Estate

STOP & SMELL THE ROSÉ Ultimate Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting by Bolney Wine Estate

Bolney Wine Estate

Foxhole Lane Mid Sussex District RH17 5RT United Kingdom


There’s no better way to explore one of rural Sussex’ oldest vineyards than with an expert guide. Learning all about the farm’s history, how its winemaking processes have evolved and walking through the vineyards that grow the grapes for award-winning wine is a wonderful way to relax and indulge your senses. Following this up with a tasting and a marvellous mezze platter and dessert in a sublime setting is the cherry on top.

"The stunning Bolney Wine Estate has a huge range of tours available!"
-Kate Thomas, HELLO


  • 3-hour Guided vineyard and winery tour with a Bolney Estate expert

  • Tutored wine tasting with a welcome glass of wine and 5 wine samples

  • Sumptuous seasonal mezze lunch and dessert included

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Experience the best of English winemaking with the Ultimate Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting at Bolney Wine Estate. This comprehensive tour offers an in-depth look at the winemaking process, from the vine to the glass, set in the beautiful surroundings of one of England’s oldest and most renowned vineyards.

Your tour begins with a guided walk through the picturesque vineyard, where you’ll learn about the history of Bolney Wine Estate and the meticulous care that goes into growing their premium grapes. Following the vineyard tour, you’ll visit the winery to see the production process in action, from fermentation to bottling.

The highlight of the tour is a tutored wine tasting session, where you’ll sample a selection of Bolney’s award-winning wines. Each wine is expertly paired with delicious local produce, enhancing the flavours and providing a delightful culinary experience. Perfect for wine enthusiasts and novices alike, this tour offers a fascinating insight into English winemaking. Book your Ultimate Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting today and savour the exceptional wines of Bolney Wine Estate.

More About Bolney Wine Estate

Bolney Wine Estate, located in the heart of Sussex, is one of England’s oldest and most celebrated vineyards. Founded in 1972, the estate has a rich history of producing high-quality wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. Bolney Wine Estate is known for its commitment to sustainable viticulture and innovative winemaking techniques.

The estate has received numerous accolades for its wines, including awards from prestigious competitions such as the International Wine Challenge and Decanter World Wine Awards. Bolney’s wines are celebrated for their elegance, complexity, and balance, making them a favourite among wine connoisseurs and critics alike.


Foxhole Lane Mid Sussex District RH17 5RT United Kingdom

Wednesday to Saturday at 1 pm, Sunday at 2 pm


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