An image of a small town on the shore of a lake, Discover Croatian Gastronomy on the trails of Anthony Bourdain. Hotel Boskinac

NO RESERVATIONS Discover Croatian Gastronomy on the trails of Anthony Bourdain

Hotel Boskinac

220 Škopaljska ulica Grad Novalja 53291 Croatia


Follow in the foot steps of famous chef and world traveller, Anthony Bourdain as he discovered Croatia and its bounties. One of his most memorable stops include Hotel Boskinac - a stunning Dalmatian coast country house, which features an award winning restaurant and winery. Indulge in gourmet dinners and Boskinac's award-winning wine on this gastronomic getaway.

"Why, oh why, is there so much amazing wine in this country?"
-Anthony Bourdain


  • Trace the steps of famous chef and traveller, Anthony Bourdain to Pag Island

  • Spend four nights in a superior room for two people at Hotel Boskinac

  • Daily breakfast on the terrace, with panoramic views of the Adriatic

  • Gourmet two-course dinners will be served every evening, including one eight-course meal with a specially selected wine pairing

  • Learn all about Boskinac’s award-winning wine with an expert-led tasting in the cellar

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It took Anthony Bourdain, the famous chef and world traveler, quite some time to discover Croatia and its bounties, he admitted. But then it blew his mind and palate! On the rugged, mystically beautiful Dalmatian island of Pag, the gastronomic experience at Hotel Boskinac, one of Bourdain's pitstops on his travel, will provide you with a whirlwind introduction to the finest food and drink of Croatia. From the pine-topped mountains down to the Adriatic sea, the Island is home to some of the world’s best cheeses and seafood. Regarded as the best restaurant on the Island, there is nowhere better to sample the fare than at Hotel Boskinac. Each day starts with a traditional Dalmatian breakfast of locally cured meats and cheeses. These are complimented with fresh fruits, yoghurt and vegetables from the Island, as well as continental pastries. You’ll then have time to explore the serene surroundings of the hotel, make your way down to Pag town or simply relax in and around the Adriatic Sea. You’ll certainly want to build an appetite for what follows. Each evening, you will be treated to a different tasting menu; three two-course dinners, as well as an eight-course extravaganza. Expect delicacies such as carpaccio od brancin (wafer-thin raw sea bass), Jakovska kapica (scallops and prawns gratinéed with local ewes’ milk cheese) fritaje od hobotnice (octopus frittata) during your stay. You will have ample opportunity to delight in Boskinac’s award-winning wines throughout your stay. Not only will the eight-course dinner include a wine pairing, but you can also explore the rustic konoba (wine cellar) for a guided wine tasting. We heavily recommend sampling the indigenous Gegic grape variety and the prize-winning Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot.


220 Škopaljska ulica Grad Novalja 53291 Croatia

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