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A NEAR-SPACE ODYSSEY Private Group Space Travel with Bloon


Near Crook Bradford United Kingdom


Astronauts have always described the view of earth from space as a life-changing experience. An opportunity once reserved only for astronauts, travelling into near-space is now a reality thanks to the innovative technology of Bloon. Bloon is a zero-emission vehicle that relies on a large ‘sail’ filled with static helium gas capable of lifting its capsule 22 miles into the earth’s atmosphere. If you were to drift much further than that, you’d be out of the earth’s stratosphere completely! Being devoid of any combustible fuels means that Bloon’s ascent is gentle, has zero impact on the environment, and is entirely noiseless.

"Stunning views of the horizon and the blackness of space."


  • Travel to the edge of the upper-atmosphere in a Bloon pod

  • Your private pod is exclusively dedicated to your group and can fit up to four people

  • Bloon's cutting-edge technology is gentle meaning that no motion sickness or aerospace training is required

  • Bloon flights can take off from anywhere in the world

  • The entire experience lasts for about 12 hours, with 2 hours cruising in near-space

  • Bookings are currently being taken for 2020 and 2021

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Introducing Bloon: the most luxurious near-space flight experience.

The technologies of stratospheric balloons are well proven and the team at Zero2Infinity has adopted this for commercial use. The Bloon system uses inert helium gas and employs no combustible fuels or hazardous substances. The ascent and descent are graceful and quiet, if you can fly on an airline, you can fly on Bloon.

The Bloon space flight experience starts with a space flight designer who will take you through the entire process and to customise the trip. You can decide on the desired takeoff location as well as the food and beverages to be served during the space flight (options include Michelin-star meals).

Bloon flights are designed to takeoff from anywhere and land (just about) anywhere in the world. The cabin is pressurised and set to a comfortable 22°C (72°F), with more room per passenger than an Airbus A380 First Class cabin. Panoramic windows will provide you with a 360° view of the overall experience.

Arrive at the takeoff location the day before to receive a pre-flight briefing and some rest. Lift-off is scheduled around 4am to take advantage of the amazing colours of dawn at the apex of the trip. The full ascent takes approximately 1 hour, reaching an ultimate height of 36km above the earth. Cruise at near-space for approximately 2 hours before beginning to descend. The field of view at the top is approximately 1,400km in diameter - that is, you will be able to see Paris and Rome from the same window.

We are currently taking pre-bookings for 2020 and 2021, priced from £380,000, entitling you to a private pod dedicated to your group. Up to four people can fit into each flight pod (take as many or few as you wish).

Additional Information

The duration of experience, including pre-flight briefings will take up to one full day.

The Bloon pod is safe for children (those below 16 must be accompanied by an adult). A report from your physician and a simple medical checkup is needed to ensure you and your fellow Bloon travellers can enjoy the flight safely.

This experience reserves an entire pod for your group. The pod holds up to four people (or as few as you wish).

All bookings are subject to availability and weather conditions. We advise booking at least six months in advance to guarantee the desired date and time.


Near Crook Bradford United Kingdom

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