An image of two divers in the ocean, Dive Down To Underwater Croatian Cellar Followed By Wine Tasting. Edivo Vina

GREAT DEPTHS Dive Down To Underwater Croatian Cellar Followed By Wine Tasting

Edivo Vina

Drače 20246 Croatia


Visit a winery like no other and dive down for a wine tour of Edivo Vina, the world's first underwater winery, located off the coast of Croatia. Aptly named, Navis Mysterium or Sea Mystery is made from locally harvested grapes and aged for three months on land before being lowered 20 meters into the Adriatic Sea in Greek inspired clay vessels to age for a further 700 days. The sea provides ideal conditions and perfect silence to improve the wine's quality. Embark on an enticing adventure and dive to discover this unique wine.

"Definitely one to add to the bucket list!"
-Lifestyle Magazine


  • Scuba dive to an underwater wine cellar off the peninsula of Pelješac, Croatia

  • The dive will be accompanied by an instructor and includes all necessary equipment

  • Enjoy a wine tasting and learn about the unique underwater ageing process with a presentation at Edivo Wine Bar in Drače

  • Includes return transfers from Dubrovnik

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The Edivo Vina winery located about an hour north of Dubrovnik in Drače, offers guests the unique opportunity to don on a wetsuit and visit the world's first underwater cellar. Embark on a fascinating wine tour and discover the aromas and qualities this unusual ageing process gives the wine. The sea provides the perfect conditions for ageing wines with stable temperatures, minimum light and silence which is believed to enhance the wine. Ageing wines underwater has its own challenges and the owners of Edivo Vina winery experimented for years before finding the perfect way to age wine submerged deep in salty water.The locally harvested Plavac Mali grapes are pressed and aged in barrels for three months on land before being transferred to specially made amphorae – clay jugs based on vessels used by the Ancient Greeks.The underwater line of wines is aptly called Navis Mysterium, secrets of the sea. After spending one to two years at the bottom of the sea, the wine takes on a 'pinewood aroma' and amphorae emerge covered in corals, sea shells and algae, given them a buried treasure look. No two are the same as the sea gives its specific mark to each bottle, making them a part of the Adriatic that wine lovers can keep as a souvenir.By diving below the ocean's surface, guests have the opportunity to see the unique storage facility and discover the process of wine amphorae. After witnessing the process first-hand and splashing around in the bay, savour the finished product in a wine tasting. A once in a lifetime opportunity and a bucket list item for adventurous wine lovers.


Drače 20246 Croatia

This experience is available annually from 5 April to 31 October. Please contact your Truly Concierge for more information.


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