An image of a volcano with a fire coming out, Volcanic Adventure on Stromboli.

FIRE & SMOKE Volcanic Adventure on Stromboli


Sicily Italy

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  • Enjoy a three-night stay for two on Stromboli

  • Take in the sights with a daytime helicopter tour over Etna and Stromboli

  • Witness Stromboli by night on a private guided walk with a qualified volcanologist


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The Northern most of the Aeolian Islands, dramatic Stromboli is one of the world’s most accessible, most volatile and most active volcanos in the world. Savor the unique opportunity to live on the iconic volcanic island for three-nights and take in its beauty by land, air and sea. By night, bear witness to the awe-inspiring natural display of pyrotechnics, a moment 40,000 years in the making.


Stromboli is the only erupting volcano on the Aeolian Islands. The archipelago of islands is known as the ‘volcanic arc’, covering some 600 square miles. Fringed in black sand, Stromboli rises from the seabed to a height of 3,000ft above sea level and, formed only 40,000 years ago, is the youngest of the Aeolian volcanoes. Nicknamed the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”, Stromboli is famed for its incandescent explosions. Visible only at night, the volcano sends an almost constant spray of liquid magma into the empty air in a process coined by volcanologists as attività stromboliana (Strombolian activity). During your time on Stromboli, relax in charming, white-washed accommodations, overlooking the glittering black sands and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Positioned in the village of Stromboli found on the eastern side of the island, you will be excellently nestled between two solidified lava flows, giving uninterrupted views of the volcano as well as the marine panorama. Fully equipped for a night-hike, you’ll set off at around 5pm with a private guide. Approximately three hours later, after a challenging climb, you’ll arrive at the summit. From the rim of a crater, you’ll be within a safe but spectacular distance of around 150-250 metres directly above the active part of the volcano. This is the perfect viewing terrace for Stromboli's natural pyrotechnics. As the sun sets brilliantly over the island, you’ll be treated to an awe-inspiring display of colour, as the magma rumbles beneath your feet and bursts from the volcanos core. Enjoy the flight of your life, taking in both Mount Etna and Stromboli on a daytime helicopter flight. Flying over the Stromboli’s ‘Sciara del Fuoco’ on the Northern side, you’ll circle the crater from above, taking in magnificent views of the magma churning core. Finish your tour with a panoramic view of Europe’s highest volcanic crater, Mount Etna, before gliding back past each of the Aeolian Islands to Stromboli. During your flight, you’ll be provided with headphones in order to speak with the pilot and be treated to a fascinating talk about Etna, Stromboli and the surrounding area.


Sicily Italy

Stromboli Tour: The whole excursion takes between five and seven hours. Typically, a group leaves at around 5pm and returns at 11pm. The ascent takes roughly three hours and the descent one and a half hours.


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