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Tag us in your Instagram photos for the chance to win a Michelin Star Dinner for two!*

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Was it that incredible steak?
The breathtaking scenery?
Your partner's smile?

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Cross your fingers

Winners will be drawn quarterly
and annouced on Instagram,
so keep your eyes peeled!

Terms and Conditions

*At Truly, we like to keep things simple, here are the terms that apply:

  1. If you're the lucky winner, you and a friend will enjoy a Michelin Starred Dining Experience.We will choose the experience, however, it is possible to exchange it for something else of the same value. You will have 6 months to pick a date you'd like to go, and another 6 months to go on the experience.
  2. We will draw one winner at random every 3 months on the 25th. The winner will be informed via Instagram post (we'll tag you).
  3. It doesn't matter whether you're the buyer, receiver or guest at the experience, as long as you've gone on it yourself and posted.
  4. Each unique post is an entry to the draw, so the more you post, the higher your chances. Deleted posts don't count.
  5. Truly employees cannot participate.

Any questions, just ask us:
[email protected], +44 020 3890 3248