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With the intriguing combination of Korean and Italian influences, Piora's 'New American' cuisine has earned it a Michelin star.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America Chris Cipollone honed is craft in Italy before returning to the United States and built a name for himself working with chefs like Scott Conant.

In 2013 Chris Cipollone partnered with restauranteur Simon Kim to open Piora. Starting in his career in his mother's restaurant and having previously managed Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery and Jean Georges' The Mark, Kim has had a long and successful career in restaurant industry.

"A tremendous restaurant"Joshua David Stein, The New York Observer

Start your visit to Piora with a personalised cocktail followed by an 8-course personalised tasting menu made from the chef's chest of seasonal ingredients fresh from the morning market.

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More About Piora

More than simply innovative cuisine, Piora specializes in some unusual mixology where head bartender Shinya Yamao can be found using a Japanese coffee drip machine to infuse fruit into cocktails. Beyond the cocktails, Piora can boast an impressive list of roughly 300 wines, mostly sourced from Europe and the United States.