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Sample a truly decadent 12-course tasting menu.

Opened by Chef Terrance Brennan Picholine is one of New York's finest dining establishments.

Brennan trained at some of Europe's finest Michelin starred restaurants before returning stateside and opening Picholine, his first restaurant, in 1993. Since then he has opened another restaurant and, inspired by his love of cheese, a cheese distributor. Working with world renowned brands like William Sonoma, Neman Marcus and British Airways among others, Brennan is one of the hospitality industry's leading consultants.

"Picholine still has the best cheese presentation in the city"Frank Bruni, New York Times

Indulge in a 12-course tasting menu at Terrance Brennan's Michelin starred Mediterranean restaurant.

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More About Picholine

With one of the best cheese plates in the city, Picholine reflects owner and chef Terrance Brennan's European influences and love affair with cheese.