Raymond Blanc Half Day Course Dates

Full dates and details of all half-day cookery classes available at Le Manoir

Raymond Blanc - Available Courses

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You can select from the following courses:

Let's Cook!: Learn to create an inspired, seasonal three-course menu in no time. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cook, it’s an ideal way to learn new tricks and have fun.

The Magic of Macarons: Step by step, you’ll learn how to create perfect macarons that are sure to amaze your family and friends.

Creative Canapés: Whether planning a glamorous dinner or casual cocktails, set the scene with some spectacular tasty treats. This fun, casual class will show you how to create sensational seasonal canapés that are sure to impress family and friends.

The Secret of Eggs: Master the methods and learn the secrets on how to create impressive sweet and savoury dishes showing the versatility of eggs. You will be demonstrated five quick and easy dishes and two will be practical.

Stylish Soups: Quick, simple and full of flavour soups enhanced with herbs and spices that you can create throughout the seasons for any occasion. Four dishes will be demonstrated and two will be practical

Sweet and Simple Patisserie: Learn the basic techniques to create a seasonal fruit tart, a soufflé and other delightful sweet treats.

Sweet & Savoury Soufflés: A French classic, learn to create both sweet and savoury soufflés, using the best seasonal ingredients.

Gluten-Free Cookery: Learn how to create healthy and delicious alternatives to your favourite dishes using quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, corn and more.


Upcoming Course Dates

All courses are subject to booking availability.



Sun 3: Let's Cook! (Morning or Afternoon)
Tue 5: Creative Canapes (Morning) or Sweet & Savoury Soufflés (Afternoon) 
Fri 8: The Magic of Macarons (Morning) or Let's Cook! (Afternoon) 
Sun 10: Let's Cook! (Morning or Afternoon) 
Sun 17: Let's Cook! (Morning or Afternoon)
Tue 19: Let's Cook! (Afternoon) 


Sun 7: Let's Cook! (Afternoon)
Fri 12: Let's Cook! (Afternoon)
Mon 15: Sweet & Simple Pastry (Morning) or Sweet & Savoury Soufflès (Afternoon) 
Sun 21: Let's Cook! (Morning or Afternoon) 
Mon 22: Creative Canapès (Morning) or Gluten-free Cookery (Afternoon) 


Sun 4: Let's Cook! (Morning or Afternoon)
Sun 11: Let's Cook! (Morning or Afternoon)
Mon 12: Creative Canapès (Morning) or Gluten-free Cookery (Afternoon)
Tues 13: The Magic of Macarons (Morning) or Sweet & Savoury Soufflès (Afternoon)
Mon 19: Let's Cook! (Morning or Afternoon)
Sun 25: Let's Cook! (Morning or Afternoon)