Raymond Blanc Full Day Course Dates

Full dates and details of all full day cookery classes available at Le Manoir

Raymond Blanc - Available Courses

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You can select from the following courses:

Blanc Vite: Create fast, simple, seasonal nutritional dishes—with minimum preparation and complication, and maximum reward, freedom and fun.

Maman Blanc's Classic Cuisine: A course dedicated to spreading Maman Blanc’s philosophy on simple, rustic food. Create hearty, wholesome dishes, that are sure to dazzle day-to-day as well as at any dinner party.

Sauces & Stocks: Learn the intricate art of creating amazing sauces for a variety of courses.

Culinary Travels: Embark on a culinary journey through the signature flavours of France. Adam Johnson, Raymond Blanc's Development Chef, teaches you how to create some of the most famous regional classics.

Patisserie & Desserts: Learn to create seasonal desserts from Maman Blanc’s and Le Manoir’s sumptuous repertoire with Head Tutor Mark Peregrine and/or Head Pastry Chef Benoit Blin.

Seasonal Dinner Party: Master a range of starters, main courses and classic desserts, themed by the season.

Treasures from the Sea: Develop your knife and filleting skills to create a variety of fish dishes, including Le Manoir classics.

Tastes & Textures from Afar: Discover tastes and textures from afar with Asian flavours and influences combined with French techniques to create tasty dishes. Seven dishes will be demonstrated and three will be practicals.

The Magic of Vegetables, Herbs & Pulses: Whether you’re a strict vegetarian or ardent carnivore, have fun preparing mouth-watering, seasonal dishes. Learn how to maximise use of herbs and spices, and create a wonderful Swiss chard tart along with other delights.

Kitchen Secrets with Adam: Following the success of Raymond Blanc’s BBC2 series “How to Cook Well”, Chef Adam Johnson invites you to The Raymond Blanc Cookery School to learn the techniques first hand.

Pantry to Plate: This course will give you creative ideas for a range of dishes you can whip up from classic items found in every cupboard.

Afternoon Tea: Master the art of this timeless tradition. On this course, you’ll cover classic treats including finger sandwiches, scones, tartlets and impressive gâteaux, guaranteed to impress your friends and family.

My Garden to Your Plate: Tour the amazing gardens of Le Manoir and harvest your own produce before heading inside to create an incredible lunch. This great course is the perfect introduction to the importance of seasonality.

Summer Barbecue Course: Discover dishes you never thought possible on a barbeque, along with marinades, rubs, sauces and salads.

Chocolate Heaven: Learn the secrets and techniques to create amazing desserts. A classic chocolate fondant, beautiful chocolate tart and tempting truffles are just a few of the stunning creations you will be making.

Traditional Christmas Lunch: Make Christmas entertaining easy and fun for a stress-free festive season.


Upcoming Course Dates

All courses are subject to booking availability. 

JUNE 2018 

Fri 1: Patisserie & Desserts
Tues 5: The Magic of Vegetables, Herbs & Pulses
Wed 6: Treasures of the Sea
Thurs 7: Sauces & Stocks
Sat 9: Garden to Plate
Sun 10: Blanc Vite
Tues 12: Seasonal Hamper Course
Wed 13: Kitchen Secrets
Thurs 14: Garden to Plate
Fri 15: Patisserie & Desserts
Sat 16: Summer Dinner Party
Tues 18: Sauces & Stocks
Wed 19: Tastes & Textures from Afar
Fri 21: Maman Blanc's Classic Cuisine
Sat 22: Afternoon Tea 
Sun 23: Garden to Plate
Tues 25: Summer Dinner Party
Wed 26: Blanc Vite
Thurs 27: Maman Blanc's Classic Cuisine 
Sat 29: Patisserie & Desserts
Sun 30: Summer Dinner Party

JULY 2018

Mon 2: The Magic of Vegetables, Herbs & Pulses
Tues 3: Sauces & Stocks
Wed 4: Treasures of the Sea
Sat 7: Garden to Plate
Sun 8: Blanc Vite
Mon 9: Maman Blanc's Classic Cuisine
Thurs 12: Garden to Plate
Fri 13: Blanc Vite
Sat 14: Summer Dinner Party
Mon 16: Blanc Vite
Tues 17: Kitchen Secrets
Wed 18: Tastes & Textures from Afar
Thurs 19: Afternoon Tea
Fri 20: Patisserie & Desserts
Mon 23: Garden to Plate
Wed 25: Sauces & Stocks
Fri 27: Afternoon Tea
Sat 28: Summer Dinner Party
Mon 30: Garden to Plate
Tues 31: The Magic of Vegetables, Herbs & Pulses



Wed 1: Treasures of the Sea 
Thurs 2: Maman Blanc's Classic Cuisine
Sat 4: Summer Dinner Party
Mon 6: Blanc Vite
Tues 7: The Magic of Vegetables, Herbs & Pulses
Fri 10: Maman Blanc 
Sat 11: Garden to Plate

Sun 12: Blanc Vite
Mon 13: Sauces & Stocks
Fri 17: Patisserie
Thurs 23: Kitchen Secrets
Fri 24: Blanc Vite
Sat 25: Garden to Plate
Mon 27: Maman Blanc
Tues 28: Summer Dinner Party
Wed 29: Garden to Plate
Thurs 30: Sauces & Stock
Fri 31: Patisserie

September 2018

Sat 1: Blanc Vite
Mon 3: Kitchen Secrets
Wed 5: Treasures of the Sea
Fri 7: Patisserie
Sat 8: Garden to Plate
Sun 9: Blanc Vite
Fri 14: Afternoon Tea
Sat 15: Summer Dinner Party
Mon 17: Garden to Plate
Wed 19: Magic of Vegetables, Pulses and Herbs
Thurs 20: Taste & texture from Afar
Fri 21: Patisserie
Sat 22: Maman Blanc
Mon 24: Summer Dinner Party
Tues 25: Seasonal Hamper
Wed 26: Blanc Vite
Thurs 27: Stocks & Sauces
Fri 28: Garden to Plate
Sat 29: Autumn Dinner Party


October 2018

Mon 1: Blanc Vite
Wed 3: Maman Blanc
Fri 5: Garden to Plate
Wed 10: Taste & Textures from Afar
Thurs 11: Patisserie
Fri 12: Afternoon tea
Sat 13: Blanc Vite
Mon 15: Magic of Vegetables, Pulses and Herbs
Tues 16: Garden to Plate
Thurs 18: Stocks & Sauces
Sat 20: Autumn Dinner Party
Mon 22: Blanc Vite
Wed 24: Seasonal Hamper
Thurs 25: Patisserie
Fri 26: Taste & Textures from Afar
Mon 29: Autumn Dinner Party
Tues 30: Maman Blanc


November 2018

Thurs 1: Magic of Vegetables, Pulses and Herbs
Fri 2: Patisserie
Sat 3: Blanc Vite
Mon 5: Autumn Dinner Party
Wed 7: Seasonal Hamper
Sat 10: Maman Blanc
Sat 17: Traditional Christmas Lunch
Mon 19: Kitchen Secrets
Tues 20: Taste & Textures from Afar
Fri 23: Stocks & Sauces
Sat 24: Autumn Dinner Party
Sun 25: Blanc Vite
Mon 26: Traditional Christmas Lunch

Tues 27: Maman Blanc
Fri 30: Autumn Dinner Party


December 2018

Sat 1: Traditional Christmas Lunch
Mon 3: Blanc Vite
Wed 5: Traditional Christmas Lunch
Thurs 6: Magic of Vegetables, Pulses and Herbs
Fri 7: Afternoon Tea
Sat 8: Maman Blanc
Sun 9: Blanc Vite
Mon 10: Traditional Christmas Lunch
Wed 12: Treasures of the Sea
Thurs 13: Patisserie
Sat 15: Traditional Christmas Lunch
Mon 17: Maman Blanc
Tues 18: Taste & Textures from Afar
Wed 19: Traditional Christmas Lunch
Thurs 20: Stocks & Sauces
Fri 21: Winter Dinner Party
Sat 22: Blanc Vite