Fire & Smoke: Volcanic Adventure for Two on Stromboli

Aeolian Islands, Italy

Valid for 1 years

“Emerging out of the blue haze like a menacing maritime pyramid, Stromboli's smoking silhouette conforms perfectly to one's childhood idea of a volcano” Lonely Planet

Why we love it

The Northern most Aeolian Island, dramatic Stromboli is one of the world’s most accessible, and most volatile volcanos in the world. Enjoy the unique opportunity to stay on this iconic volcanic island for three-nights, taking in its beauty by land, air and sea. By night, witness an awe-inspiring natural display of pyrotechnics, and in the daytime get a birds eye view with a helicopter tour.

What's Included?

  • Enjoy a three-night stay for two on Stromboli
  • Take in the sights with a daytime helicopter tour over Etna and Stromboli
  • Witness Stromboli by night on a private guided walk with a qualified volcanologist

Exclusive to TRULY

  • This experience is unique to TRULY guests

Fire & Smoke: Volcanic Adventure for Two on Stromboli