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Soak up an aromatic coffee tasting experience

Discover extraordinary gifts for coffee lovers. From coffee tasting to exotic holidays to renowned plantations in Costa Rica, be inspired by TRULY's collection of coffee gifts and experiences.

Treat your senses to an aromatic coffee tasting experience from TRULY’s collection of extraordinary experiences

For those more inclined to a nice cappuccino or the finest Columbian roast, than a tipple of whisky or a wine tasting, indulge in a coffee tasting experience. Join the coffee culture and discover coffee gifts and experiences inspired by TRULY’s unique collection. Learn the finer points of brewing and tasting with a cupping experience. Observe the tastes and aromas of a particular brew. Discover the unique characteristics of each single origin bean, to the harvesting process, to an insider look at roasting and brewing methods. From coffee cuppings, to coffee excursions to renowned plantations in Costa Rica, you will be introduced to the subtle nuances and flavour profiles of unique coffees. This is the place to find the perfect gift for the discerning coffee lover.

There is no better place to experience a quintessentially British afternoon tea than in London. Find an extraordinary afternoon tea gift that is fit for a queen from TRULY’s range of premium afternoon tea experiences.

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