Your Perfect NYC Weekend

Travelling to New York this summer? Want to experience all that the city of dreams has to offer, without falling into tourist traps or waiting in crowded queues? I’ve put together a list of ideas outside the mainstream activities that’ll give you an authentic and exhilarating experience of New York City.

stone street

Stone Street Eats

Start off your time in the big apple with a delicious bang, visiting stone street!  It is an area that offers countless food options sure to leave you satisfied. In the midst of the city’s financial district, this historic site offers a variety of pubs and restaurants featuring foods from around the world. For real foodies visiting New York, we suggest hitting up this spot that you won’t find on any tour. The cobblestone streets give a European feel while serving up some of the most authentic and delicious dishes that this lively city has to give.

Two Little Red Hens

Crazy for Cheesecake

Moving on to more traditional New York fare will bring you to Two Little Red Hens, located on 2nd avenue and featuring some of the best cheesecake that you’ll find in the city. With their assortment of baked goods to back up the deliciousness that of the original cheesecake creation, this bakery is enough to make you consider moving to New York for good just for the aroma. You won’t find anything like this anywhere in the world and are sure to fall in love with not only their signature dessert, but treats like red velvet cake and the “Brooklyn blackout” – a four layer chocolate cake with three layers of chocolate pudding. Make sure you save a slice for your friends back home, or just settle for bragging about how you’ve tasted the best cheesecake ever!

Brooklyn Secrets

Escape to the outer boroughs and visit the Brooklyn Brewery to discover a real New York experience. Responsible for the renowned Brooklyn Lager, a visit to this site will have you engrossed in the brewing culture, not to mention refreshed. This particular brewery is defined as a staple of the neighborhood culture, and offers innovative and celebrated flavors unique to its brewers. Venturing out here will also give you the perfect opportunity to discover Brighton Beach, known for clean sands and spacious areas. Enjoy more than just Manhattan when you explore the plethora of experiences in Brooklyn.

Day at the Park

Give your wallet a break and enjoy breathtaking views of the Hudson River with a trip to Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. Completely free, a visit to this “hidden gem” is sure to make you feel less like a tourist and more like an experienced New Yorker. This is the perfect park, whether you’re looking to relax, or explore some more historic sites. Officially declared a landmark in 1983, here you can roam the remnants of the Billings Mansions that are incorporated into the parks design, or simply enjoy a picnic with your travelling companions amongst the beautiful scenery.

Spa Serenity

After a long vacation of exploring the famous streets of the big apple, unwind with a relaxing spa treatment at the luxurious and stunning The Waldorf Astoria. Your muscles will melt away with the tension of the bustling city. Sometimes all you need is some indulgent pampering to regain your energy. And know that after your break away from the whirlwind, you can step outside and enjoy a slice of iconic New York style thin-crust pizza.



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