The World’s Most Spectacular Places To Go Diving

The World's Most Spectacular Places to go Diving

Grab your suit, mask and fins, and get ready to plunge into adventure. It’s time to see the world’s watery treasures. For those who love to explore the world under the waves, here are a few of the world’s best places to go diving.

Ambergris Caye


This diver’s dreamland is the second largest reef in the world.

The water of Ambergris Caye is full of marine life, which you will see thanks to the extraordinary visibility. Belize has many sites of shallow diving depths, but also has the famous circular 350 foot deep “Blue Hole.” If you are wondering about the types of marine life you will see here, hammerheads and rays are a common sight, but there are many others.


The World's Most Spectacular Places to go Diving

Great Barrier Reef


There is a reason divers come to the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef. An abundance of coral reefs and marine life on its 2300km expanse.

You can scuba dive or snorkel, as this place is perfect for the experienced and the first-timers. There are dive sites suitable for each experience level and are reachable by boat. The deeper, outer suites tend to be visited by the more experienced, but don’t worry, there are enough gentle corals and fish in the shallower sites for beginners to enjoy.

If you would like to experience the reef fully, why not enjoy an experience? Stay at a luxury eco-resort, experience the reef while diving, snorkeling, spearfishing and local delicacies.

Richelieu Rock


If you are looking for somewhere exotic, and with incredible diving opportunities, Richelieu Rock could be the place for you. You will find this site near the Surin Islands, in Thailand.

This is undeniably the best place to spot a whale shark, a giant yet gentle creature. You will also see pelagic fish, as well as other sea life. Visibility and wildlife varieties will make endless photography opportunities.

The World's Most Spectacular Places to go Diving

Bora Bora

South Pacific

Northwest of Tahiti is a wondrous diver’s haven, where you can snorkel or dive in translucent, turquoise water. Bora Bora welcomes all levels of divers.

The list of sea life found here is inspiring. There are manta rays, turtles, reef, black-tipped and lemon sharks and eels. You will also see dolphins, eagle rays, barracuda and humpback whales on their annual visit. You can feed sharks, explore the ocean drop offs, corals and sunken ships.

A wonderful experience is set to send you on your diving adventure. Discover culture and excitement as you and a friend dive for pearls in Bora Bora.

Cocos Island

Costa Rica

Here is a little piece of ocean heaven.

This diving paradise is an island only four miles long. It is only 3,000 feet at its peak. The island is surrounded by sea life such as white-tip sharks and scalloped hammerheads. There are steep, and deep, drop offs that are a must see on a diver’s bucket list.

Cocos Island is a national park, so there is no lodging on the island. You must arrive by liveaboard.

The World's Most Spectacular Places to go Diving

Vamizi Island


In the clear, pristine water surrounding this island, you will have a breathtaking view of various marine life. There are 400 fish species and 46 kinds of coral. Plankton can be found here in huge amounts, as it is a food source for most of the sea life here.

You will see Grey Reef sharks, Batfish, turtles, Giant Potato Cod groups, Snappers and Barracudas. There are sites for both beginner divers and those with experience. Advanced divers usually go for the sheer, drop offs, canyons and pinnacles, where the newer divers explore the shallow water corals.

With all this beauty around you, wouldn’t it be nice to share this experience with someone? There are diving experiences for two set up by TRULY, to make this visit unforgettable.

Silfra, Davidsgja, Nesgja


The crystal-clear waters of Iceland call to the diver looking for a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Explore the fresh water fissures, underwater hot springs, heated rivers, geothermal chimneys and lava fissures. With the 100% visibility, you will be able to see all sorts of ocean life. Experience an unique dive between the American and Eurasian continents.

There is no better way to explore this amazing place, than a diving experience. Chase the Northern Lights and then snorkel under their glory in a one-of-a-kind experience.

Ras Mohammed National Park


This national park is found about 20 km south of Sharm El Sheikh. It is on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula, and its sites can be reached by liveaboards.

One characteristic feature of this destination are the surrounding coral reefs with the vertical overhangs of 100m deep. Ras Mohammed’s location between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba causes varying salinity in the water and results in an incredible variety of pelagic and reef fish, coral sea walls and other exceptional sea beauty.

So dive in to adventure at one of the world’s best places to dive. With this list, you should find it just a little easier to decide where to go first.

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