Wonderful Winter Getaways

Ice Hotel

While we all love our summer months, sunny days and beach getaways, winter doesn’t have to be a gloomy time of year for travellers. In fact, some of the best getaways can be had during the cold winter months with a number of fun filled activities and experiences, whether you are looking for a family holiday or a more intimate one. Here are five wonderful winter getaways you may love:


Probably one of the most popular tourist destination for an amazing winter escape, Switzerland is known for its beautiful snow capped mountain views, tourist attractions such as museums, cathedrals and, of course, its slopes. Hit the Swiss slopes for some winter action – you can ski, snowboard, or toboggan and settle into your warm and cosy accommodation of choice to wind down.


Looking for something that is not only incredibly romantic, but different as well? Visit Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland. While it offers various types of accommodation, the most romantic would have to be its gorgeous, cosy and very intimate glass igloos. These igloos include two beds and a toilet, and through the glass roofs you can cuddle up and take in the clear, winter starry skies. You’ll also be able to view the Northern Lights between August and April.


Montreal, Canada

For a more family orientated winter getaway, pack your bags and head to Montreal in Canada. You can enjoy tours of museums, historical tours, underground shopping (designed to keep you warm and comfy while you get some retail therapy), and, for the kids, a beautifully decorated ice rink. You can also get into the true Christmas spirit and enjoy Open Air Christmas Carols on Place Jacques-Cartier.

Prague, Czech Republic

The architecture and historical beauty of this amazing city is reason enough to consider it as a travel destination. The Prague Winter Market is a main Christmas event in this beautiful city, where you can shop, enjoy events, and take in the sights, smells and general feeling of Christmas in eastern Europe.

Quebec, Canada

You have to see it to believe it. A hotel made entirely of ice – beds included! The Hotel de Glacé only exists during the winter months, and includes wedding facility (a chapel made completely of ice), accommodation, beautifully crafted ice sculptures and structures, and even a nightclub!

As you can see, travel doesn’t have to be all about sun, sand and beaches – a winter wonderland getaway can give you loads of wonderful memories to take back home with you, and some of the most unique and amazing experiences you could imagine. Get into the festive spirit and enjoy the beauty of winter around the globe. Happy travels!

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