When To Book Your Flights in 2015

when to book your flights

January is the time a lot of people take to organising their holidays for the year. With the long Christmas break over and done with, zero bank holidays until April and sunshine nowhere to be seen, who can blame them?

Whether your New Year resolution is to tick off a destination from your bucket list, or you feel you deserve a much needed break from things, bear in mind that Tuesday is the best day of the week to increase your chances of a more affordable airfare. It might not sound a lot, but the average saving on a ticket bought three weeks in advance and on a Tuesday is 5%.

This comes from Expedia’s report looking at travel demand and trends, and advises that tickets booked at the very least three weeks in advance and on a Tuesday tend to be cheaper. As you’d expect, the earlier you book the better the airfare. Somewhere between 50 and 100 days before your intended departure is a good starting point, though the report suggests the average ticket price reaches its lowest 57 days before takeoff.

As most flyers book their flights a month or so in advance, this means a lot of people are missing out on booking slightly earlier to cash in on the lower fares.

While this may be the case for trips domestically and across the continent, longer international flights have the best offers 200 days prior. But, contrary to standard practice, airlines may decide to skimp down on the cost of their tickets 24 hours in advance.

While this happens from time to time, and savings can be made from how much the tickets were the week before, they’re still going to be cheaper months in advance. One anomaly happens to be Hawaii, a destination to which holidayers can save on by booking last minute.

Looking at the year ahead, it could be a good year for travellers. For starters, oil prices are experiencing a decline. Though many airliners won’t take advantage of the new price gap to offer their customers kinder prices, there are some that have been known to. This is especially the case if more and more of them start doing it, as competition to put travellers in your airline’s seat hots up.

There’s also reason to suggest seat capacity on flights will be on the rise, perhaps resulting in a better deal for flyers.

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