What Makes the Perfect Outdoor Activity Break?

What Makes the Perfect Outdoor Activity Break?

What can be more romantic than riding a horse through the countryside, or more exciting than learning the ancient art of falconry and archery? Some of us love the challenge of clay pigeon shooting or focus of fly fishing. For a person with an active lifestyle, and a love of the outdoors, trying to find a break or vacation to suit tastes can be challenging. Perhaps trying a new activity is just the thing to refresh the soul.

There are unlimited choices of outdoors and sports breaks. As the saying goes, ‘There is something for everyone.’ Below we look at the crucial elements of the perfect outdoor activity break.

One of these exceptional options is fly fishing. If you have never fished like this before, it is known to be very relaxing and some consider it to be an art. It is a method of fishing where a ‘fly’, or special lure, is used to catch fish. It is cast using a specialized rod, reel and line. Fly fishing requires the caster to achieve a certain technique, as it isn’t like usual fishing. The ‘flies’ are nearly weightless, and acts like the fish’s food, so the fish will strike. The most successful flies are made by hand.

If you want to get in touch with nature’s creatures, falconry would give you a combination of wildlife and sport. Falconry is considered a hunting sport. Birds of prey are trained to assist their handler during a hunt. Taking care of the birds and their handling are also considered part of the sport.

Archery is a sport and an art. It is the practice of using a bow to propel arrows to a target. Although it traditionally has been used for hunting and combat, today it is a competitive sport and a recreational pastime. All ages can enjoy this activity.

What Makes the Perfect Outdoor Activity Break?

Guided hikes and tours are truly a way to enjoy the outdoors too. Not only do you learn about your surroundings, but the local plants and animals as well. It is a wonderful combination of history, knowledge and nature. With a guide, you walk on a path designed for your fitness level. The fresh air energizes your body and refreshes your mind.

Clay pigeon shooting, meanwhile, is a sport requiring focus. Targets are released into the air at different angles, speeds and distances, and you are required to shoot them. It is a fun and enjoyable way to spend a day, outdoors and with friends.

Horseback riding is another way to enjoy nature, and experience the thrill of being astride incredible, but controllable power. When on a horse, you do more than just sit there and you may be amazed at how many muscles you use just by riding as it walks. Riding allows you to cover more ground than walking, is soothing and you get to bond with a friendly animal.

The Ballyfin Hotel, in Ireland, remarkably has all of these wonderful activities available on one estate. You can pick from the list and have a personalized stay. There is an indoor pool, full gymnasium and wine and whiskey tasting available. If you need some relaxation after a day outside, there is a spa on the grounds as well. Of course, if you don’t know what you would like to do, a place like this is helpful as you have trained staff at your fingertips. They can help you decide.

Do not feel the need to force yourself to sit back and do nothing on your holiday. If you feel adventurous or know someone who is, this might just be the perfect outdoor activity break. Nothing is better than staying active and enjoying the outdoors.

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