What Makes a 5 Star Hotel?

Five Star Hotel

People’s expectations of hotels can vary dramatically. Even after the same stay there will often be slightly different views from two people. There are some hotels, however, where this isn’t a problem. These are the creme de la creme, five-star institutions. And here we outline what makes a 5 star hotel.

Considerate, unobtrusive and dependable service

Surely one of the most important and defining things any hotel can offer, for truly great 5 star hotels this is ingrained into their staff. Getting staff – from the cleaners to the managers – to ‘buy into’ the hotels ethos and mantra, whatever it may be, is no easy feat especially when one considers the relatively high employee turnover experienced in the hospitality trade.

Stepping into a grand facade is all very well but if the staff are unattentive or plain uncaring, then all is lost. A pro-active staff member, offering considerate and dependable service, is worth their weight in gold to any hotel.

They ‘know’ you

Good hotels might call you ’sir’ or ‘madam’; great hotels will know your name – even if it is your first time staying there. Being greeted by name, in a genuine manner, is giving you a personalised service which adds a feeling of care to your stay – you’re not just another ‘head in a bed’. Of course, if you’re a repeat customer then, again, one would expect a personal greeting but, more than that, a personal service.

What drinks/snacks are in the mini bar, what time you wake for a morning paper and what demands your family (the children!) may have – these are just some examples of the personalised service which a 5-star hotel should offer their repeat customers.


Pure Comfort

Let’s not forget why you’re there, you’re there to stay – whether for business or leisure. What do most people think of first thing in the morning? Often it is how well they slept. A luxury hotel should offer excellent beds, with clean and relatively new bedding. If you can’t sleep you will spend your time tired, grumpy and won’t enjoy what the hotel can offer.

Attention to detail

The top hotels in the world are not cheap but you expect them to be able to offer everything you need, including transfer service. The Setai Fifth Avenue hotel, for example, offers a complimentary luxury house car service. The car happens to be a Maserati, in keeping with the tone and style of the hotel.

An airport pick up/drop off service is again highly prized; not only does it save you arranging taxis but it gives you the security of knowing you are not at the mercy of an unscrupulous local driver.

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