What is Grower Champagne?

What is grower champagne?

What is grower champagne? You might have heard the term and wondered quite what these types of wines are. A particular type of champagne that is made in the Champagne region of France, it is produced by the same estate that owns the vineyards from which the grapes come.

Grower champagnes tend to be more focussed on terroir and they are usually sourced from vineyards that are closely located around a village. Terroir is a French term that refers to the unique environment that the grapes are grown in, which includes the weather, soil and other characteristics of the setting.

Grower Champagne Becoming More Popular

At the moment there are over 19,000 independent growers in the Champagne region, which accounts for nearly 88% of all vineyards land within the region. Approximately 5,000 of these champagne growers use their own grapes to produce wine. This is artisanal winemaking with terroir at the forefront for each wine.

Grower champagne can be compared to single origin coffee and chocolate or farm fresh eggs, it will not necessary taste the same every year and every producer will be different. This is what makes this type of champagne so interesting and compelling. The families that produce this champagne know the grapes and own the vineyard.

Large champagne producers use wine from a number of different vineyards, but grower champagne is produced from one specific place. The large brand names of champagne, such as Roederer, Moet et Chandon, Mumm, and others will produce millions of cases of champagne every year in an industrial way, with grapes that are grown not by themselves but by thousands of small growers all across the villages in the Champagne region.

Usually a grower champagne producer will only make less than 5,000 cases of wine every year and there are around 5,000 of these small growers and producers in the region.


What is grower champagne?

One of a Kind Wines

Some might think that champagne isn’t suited for this type of down to earth grass roots production. After all, these types of sparkling wines are usually associated with prestige and luxury. However, there is something truly special about a wine that is so unique and rooted to the specific place where it is produced.

Many find that the larger champagne companies produce wine that is lacking in character and that choosing grapes from so many different vineyards will reduce wine to its lowest common denominator.

If you are passionate about wines you will find that tasting grower champagnes is a real treat, especially when paired with high quality cheeses or charcuterie. Take the time to sample a few different options from a range of vineyards until you find the unique champagne that you absolutely love – one that offers a particular taste due to its location and couldn’t have been grown anywhere else. What’s your favourite type of champagne? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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