Wedding Gift Advice With Celebrity Planner Mark Niemierko

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Mark Niemierko is one of Britain’s leading luxury event and wedding planner. His company, Niemierko has arranged parties and weddings for Russian oligarchs, Premiership football players and high society London couples. A favourite with big name celebrities, he planned Rochelle and Marvin Humes’ Blenheim Palace wedding, and Julia and James Corden’s Babington House nuptials, as well as overseeing weddings with Royals in attendance, such as the society wedding of Alexandra and Alexander Fellowes where Prince Harry was a guest. No detail is too small, and no task too gigantic for Niemierko’s extensive experience, and British military style precision.

We sat down with Mark to get his expertise on giving the best wedding gifts.

  • What do you think makes a great wedding present?

When it comes to a wedding, sentimental values should be your top priority. People appreciate the time and thought spent into choosing your gift. You do not need a big budget to splash out on something that has meaning. The key thing to remember is including a personal note. Suitable presents can range from fine crystal ware that will help set up a newlywed’s home to an engraved cocktail shaker that can be passed down generations. I love a present that has a timeless element to it.

What I advise my clients is that they must always have a list. We live in a world where couples have already started creating a home together for 2-3 years. You want to receive presents that fall in line with your plans. As a guest you must also bear this in mind.

Niemierko Weddings
David Pullum for Niemierko Weddings
  • What do you think about experiences as presents?

I think experiences like afternoon-tea breaks or wine-tastings are great as engagement presents, hen or stag events. When it comes to the wedding, I believe in something more unique and bespoke to the couple’s interests is a better fit. If wine is their passion, perhaps arrange a tour to a vineyard that produces their favourite label.

  • Apart from advising on the wedding list, are gifts involved in the planning process?

Presents between clients and guests is one aspect of the wedding. I like to think that the events leading up to and after the wedding day is one big present from Niemierko to our clients. When you join Niemierko you are now part of an exclusive club that is elite and special. We provide personalised presents along the way, such as luxury starter boxes with Bride and Groom essentials, mood-boards, a memory box with items like the invitation framed, and playful hang-over packs in chic bags. We plan everything to detail, much like the ethos of TRULY! When the bride goes to pick her dress, we arrange the whole day, from the car that picks her up to the champagne and food in between.

We also advise on presents that our clients give to their guests. We recommend items that are convenient for your guests, nothing too big that will hold them back during the party. If its perishable (flowers or wine), items that are locally produced will ensure best quality.

Niemierko Weddings
David Pullum for Niemierko Weddings
  • Have you come across any crazy or unusual gifts in your time?

You can never get away from extreme cases in this industry! One of my clients based in New York recently had a wedding in which the wife of the Bride’s boss ended up buying everything on their list!

It’s the simple things with an element of surprise that sticks to me, like when we presented earrings from the Groom to the Bride just as she was getting ready.

At the end of the day its people and their little touches that make a wedding special. When you are stumped about what to give, remember that real charm is not about being in-your-face. It’s about how much meaning there is that makes your present or experience valuable.


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