Upgrade Your Easter Eggs with Damson Chocolate!

There’s a chocolate revolution taking place. A new generation of artisan makers are crafting incredible chocolate, from bean-to-bar, in small independent workshops. This year, trade in your usual Easter Eggs (if you still have any left) for an immersive and educational chocolate experience.

Cocoa Beans

You may know Damson Chocolate maker Dom Ramsey as Mr. Chocablog. His site, Chocablog, has been the go-to online destination for information and maker reviews for over a decade. He is also the co-founder of Cocoa Runners and the World Chocolate Guide, and has been a selected judge at the World Chocolate Masters, Academy of Chocolate Awards and International Chocolate Awards.

Dom Ramsey

Putting extensive knowledge to practical use, and trying his hand at bean-to-bar chocolate making in his own home kitchen, Dom found his creations wildly praised by industry friends, so he decided to make it his full time occupation just this past year.

We paid a visit to the small Damson Chocolate workshop and storefront in Angel, and Dom gave us a taste of what really goes into making the perfect bar or Easter bunny.

Damson Chocolate

Walking into Damson Chocolate you will be hit with an overwhelmingly warm aroma. The entire bean-to-bar process takes place in the small workshop at the back of the building.

The perfect bar starts with the perfect beans, and Damson sources directly from independent cocoa farmers all over the world. Once they are received in the large burlap sacks you may spot when walking around the shop, they are sorted by hand and gently roasted to develop the specific flavour compounds locked inside.

Tempered ChocolateThe fermented, dried, and roasted beans are then broken open to reveal the hidden cocoa nibs. Nibs are ground with unrefined sugar and milk powder for 24 to 48 hours, creating a smooth texture.

The mixture is then poured into blocks and allowed to age for 2-4 weeks. Only after ageing is it tempered and ready for the moulds!


At Damson Chocolate you’ll find irresistible options such as the unique 60% Trinidad Buffalo Milk Chocolate with a hint of Anglesey sea salt, and the very popular Whisky & Cream – Barrel Aged Creamy Milk Chocolate.

If you like what you taste, be sure to snap it up on the spot. Damson’s works in small-batches, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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