Unique European Wineries

Making wine is an art form in Europe that has been perfected over many centuries. It is a pursuit that many have dedicated their lives to. There are plenty of unique and beautiful wineries that you can visit during your travels, where you will be able to taste the impressive creations of these passionate vinters.

Here are some unique European wineries to see while exploring Europe.

Semeli Winery, Greece

The beautiful Semeli winery in Kuci Nemea is one of the most impressive in Greece in turns of design, size and architecture. It’s located at 600 meters altitude which makes for a distinctive flavour for the wines. Try the Dry Red Wine, which is a combination of two popular varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitiko. This wine has a lovely ruby colour, a subtle vanilla taste and aromas of fresh spices and red fruit.

Camel Valley, Cornwall, England

Cornwall Vineyard

This beautiful family run vineyard along the River Camel in Bodmin has acquired several awards since it opened in 1989. Not only is the lovely bucolic setting wonderful to visit, the wines are absolutely top notch. The Pinot Noir Rose Brut is one of the best-selling varieties due to its pleasing delicate raspberry and strawberry notes – so make sure you give it a try.

Andrássy Rezidencia Wine & Spa, Hungary

The Tokaj region in Hungary has experienced a renaissance in wine production after being behind the Iron Curtain for 40 years. The flavour of the wine is affected by “botrytis” which is a fungus that produces a rich, fruity, elegant and honey-coloured wine. The Andrássy Rezidencia Wine & Spa is the only five star hotel in the Tokaj-Hegyalija region and it offers a fantastic seven course dinner with a Hungarian wine pairing.

Grotte de Saint Marcel d’Ardeche, Rhone Valley, France

French vineyard

Winemaker Raphael Pommier has been aging his wines “Domaine Notre Dame de Cousignac” within this cave in France and the natural feature provides the perfect conditions. The grotto has a constant temperature that ages the wines perfectly and complements the terroir of the Rhone Valley. You can visit the Domaine Notre Dame de Cousignac and experience a tour and a tasting.

Jane Ventura, Catalonia, Spain

The Mediterranean climate in Catalonia is very favourable to growing grapes and there is an abundance of sunshine here, even in the winter. Summers have moderate temperature and the rainfall is concentrated mainly in the autumn and the spring. There’s an incredible geographical diversity here that means Catalonia has 11 designations of origin for wine. There are many great wineries in this region and one of the finest is Jane Ventura, which is a family run winery in the Lower Penedes that dates back to 1914 and has won many prizes for its wines.

Explore the beauty and variety of Europe and enjoy unique wine getaways.


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