TRULY’s Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Gift

Gifting Etiquette

As the wedding season swiftly approaches, TRULY’s concierge is receiving more and more requests for gift ideas for couples soon to wed. Based on the thousands of recommendations and requests we receive, we thought we’d compile some guidelines towards choosing the right wedding gift, and the general gifting etiquette.

Generosity is rewarded

Weddings can be expensive affairs, and judging how much or how little to give can often feel a little like figuring out how much you should be donating to a charity. Different cultures and regions will dictate different customs, but when in doubt, it’s wise to err on the generous side. After all, no one ever got berated for being overly generous.

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Read the registry

Making an effort to go through the bride and groom’s registry is a good way to get an idea for the sort of thing they’re after. Registries are particularly useful for guests who aren’t as well acquainted with their hosts, and/or are struggling for inspiration. If the marrying couple are yet to compile their gift list, for the sake of you, them, and other guests, ask them to enquire with regards our Wedding Registry service.

The Green Bank

Make sure to check that the bride and groom aren’t saving for anything in particular. In many cases, a marrying couple will keep a ‘Green Bank’ in which will go the guests’ donations. These are put aside for large investments such as a new home.

Sharing is caring

As an alternative to traditional wedding gifts, our customers find that forgetting material trinkets like toasters, picture frames, and shiny cutlery in favour of a romantic and meaningful experience that both the bride and groom can share are almost always of superior value. And, what the couple won’t know is that they cost just as much. For example, a countryside carriage ride with champagne and a picnic in Sussex sounds a bit better than a matching set of his and her bathrobes, don’t you think?

Andalusia Beach

Be logical

How would you describe the couple you’re buying for? Are they the adventurous type that would struggle to say no to horse riding in Andalusia, or are they film buffs that would jump at an opportunity to see a classic film in the luxurious and star-studded Soho Hotel, or perhaps they’re the sort that would appreciate dressing up and dining in a chic 3 Michelin star restaurant?

If all else fails…

…show your hosts that you have an imagination, and can use it. Or just consult their parents. You might also like to consider contributing towards a group gift if someone else has a good idea that you wish you’d thought of.

Still stuck for wedding gift ideas?

TRULY’s concierge would be happy to help. Submit a Gift Ideas Request and our concierge will get back to you with recommendations. Good luck!

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