Party Vibes: Top Wedding Reception Venues in Canada

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When it’s time for after-wedding celebrations, you want to make sure your guests always remember the reception. It’s time to kick off those shoes and celebrate! If you are still looking for a location, here are some of the top reception venues in Canada.

Loews Hotel Vogue

Montréal, Québec

If you are looking for something classic, yet with a contemporary vibe, take a look at Loews Hotel Vogue.

Located in the heart of Montréal, this boutique hotel has 6,500 feet of event space for your pleasure. It captures Montréal’s spirit with it’s breathtaking views and private outdoor terrace. It is a unique venue that is elegant, and yet allows you to feel the pulse of city.

Kingsbrae Arms

St. Andrews, New Brunswick

In a historic seaside village, there lies a Canadian gem.

Kingsbrae Arms is a small, 19th century, luxury inn. It lies near the mouth of the Bay of Fundy and is known for it’s calm and inviting atmosphere. The suites have balconies, there is a private pool-side garden and the inn has an organic vegetable garden which contributes to the delicious meals served to guests. It is perfect for a smaller wedding, the inn can hold up to 50 reception guests.

Toronto Botanical Garden

Toronto Botanical Gardens

Toronto, Ontario

Sometimes it is hard to imagine such beauty can exist in a big city. The Toronto Botantical Garden are not only beautiful, but historical as well.

Surround your wedding party and guests with nature’s glory and intoxicating aromas on your big day. This venue combines indoors and outdoors with its courtyards, gardens and other event spaces. All parts of an event can be held in one spot.

Now, if you wish to check out the venue before reserving, why not try an experience? You can have a great time while feeling out the venue.


Painted Rock Estate Winery

Penticton, British Columbia

There is something romantic about the long, straight lines of grapes in a vineyard. Maybe it’s the deep green colour, or the fresh smell. Whatever it is, vineyards are a hot-spot venue for weddings and receptions.

Painted Rock Estate Winery is both a winery and vineyard. It sits on the shores of Skaka Lake, which only adds to the beautiful view. One hundred and fifty people can fit in a tasting room reception area, and the reception can be held indoors or outdoors.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Toronto, Ontario

Whether you are a hockey-lover or not, nothing screams excitement and party more than the Hockey Hall of Fame.

There are a couple halls to choose from within this venue. The Concourse Level can hold 750 people. It has interactive games and a museum for guests as well. The ESSO Great Hall can hold 225 guests and has round tables surrounded by glass walls with portraits and biographies. We can’t forget the Stanley Cup!

This is also a great place to have a recital dinner or have a fun night out before the wedding. Why not make it an experience?


So when you are looking for venues, keep these top reception venues in Canada in mind. They are a combination of heritage, culture, nature and romance, in other words, simply perfect and truly Canadian. Once the venue choosing is out of the way, you can move on to choosing the right gift. It will be easy.

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  1. These places sound amazing, perhaps I’ll have the experience of enjoying a reception at one in the future.

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