Top Luxury Eco Lodge Holidays Around the World

Top 5 Luxury Eco Lodge Holidays

Eco lodges are a unique blend of nature and luxury, offering you a chance to get closer to the wild beauty of your destination while still enjoying the creature comforts of a relaxing holiday. You might say they’re the best of both worlds.

They are set within the most beautiful locations in the world and they are built with environmental responsibility in mind – usually including reused materials, energy saving systems and much more. Here are five examples of beautiful luxury eco lodges around the world:

1.      Finca Rosa Blanca, Costa Rica

The lovely organic coffee plantation of Finca Rosa Blanca achieved a perfect score on the Sustainable Tourism Certification program thanks to its dedication to providing comfort and luxury in an environmentally friendly way. The property offers natural ventilation, solar panels an outdoor spa and stunning views of the coffee fields and volcanoes below. Take a tour to learn about Costa Rican coffee and enjoy a cupping session to taste a wonderfully fresh brew. Finca Rosa Blanca is part of the Cayuga Collection, which is a group of 9 award winning boutique hotels and eco-lodges across Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


Top 5 Luxury Eco Lodge HolidaysThe majesty of Costa Rican nature

2.      Sun Ranch, Montana, USA

This wild and beautiful 26,000 acre property is the ideal location for horseback riding, fishing, hiking and paddling. The structures are built from recycled building materials from local contractors and the gourmet cuisine served is organic and free range. You might just spot an elk or a deer wandering throughout the grounds, so keep an eye out.

3.      Shompole, Kenya

Here you can rest within thatched tent structures with private plunge pools and stylish fig-wood furniture. All of the luxuries are here, including showers heated by natural fuel and composting toilets. Another extraordinary aspect of this resort is the way that it works together with the local people as is training more than 40 tribespeople to assume ownership.


Top 5 Luxury Eco Lodge HolidaysNatural Kenya

4.      Ecolodge Shimanto, Japan

This futuristic eco lodge features cantilevered photovoltaic panels and century-old shipping barrels that are used to collect rainwater. The walkways are paved with old railroad ties and cast iron baths are repurposed as outdoor Jacuzzis, where you can sit and admire the lovely Shimanto River.

5.      Valemount Lodge, British Colombia, Canada

During a stay at this mountain lodge you will have access to more than 2,000 square miles of wild and unspoiled wilderness. You can take the helicopter taxi service that will take you into the most remote places in the alpine terrain and take a hike guided by a knowledgeable biologist. When you return to the rustic timber lodge you can take a bath in your luxurious room to soothe your aching feet.

These are just five great examples of beautiful eco-lodges that you can discover around the world. At these lovely and unique properties you can enjoy the great outdoors, while still being pampered with stylish design, comfortable amenities and top notch service.

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