Top 5 Ways to Arrive at Your Wedding

Top 5 Ways to Arrive at Your Wedding

First impressions are everything, even on your wedding day. From start to finish, you’ll want your guests to remember your special day. One way to do this is to personalize your wedding arrival with a unique way of transportation. If you need some suggestions, here are the top 5 ways to arrive at your wedding.


The Elephant

A central part of the history and spirituality of many cultures, elephants have played an important part in wedding ceremonies. If you are having a beach or destination wedding, why not truly enjoy the culture?

The awe and beauty of the elephant are unforgettable. Make sure all proper permits have been arranged, as no one would want an issue while travelling to their wedding. Most elephants will be available for photos or rides after the wedding, but you will have to speak to the company beforehand.



The Horse Drawn Carriage

The horse and carriage has long inspired feelings of royalty and timeless romance. They can create a fairytale or hold to a classic look. Carriage rides are relaxing and very intimate, perfect for the ride to the church. It is recommended to get a carriage with a hood, as you never know what the weather has planned.

To fully enjoy the horse drawn carriage, or get a taste of it before or after the wedding, take a three-hour tour of London’s sites while enjoying champagne. What a perfect addition to your wedding day.

Tour London by Horse Drawn Carriage >>


Top 5 Ways to Arrive at Your Wedding


The Classic Car

Classic cars are by far the most popular way to arrive at a wedding in style. There is a style of car for everyone and it seems for every season as well. For example, classic cars from the 1920s are more popular for mid-winter weddings and BMWs for summer. The immortal Rolls Royce is a hit year-round.

If you love classic cars and want to experience them for more than just one day, try a classic car experience. Take a few days after the wedding and enjoy south-east England in a classic Morgan?

Arrive by Morgan >>



The Train

Enjoy the vintage and nostalgic feel of the train while travelling to your wedding. Don’t worry about traffic, stop lights or crowded streets. Let the rocking of the train relax you.

You can be guaranteed to get to the wedding on time! Even if you need to make a short walk to the venue, you plan around the train. There will be enough room for your bridal party, so everyone can travel together. Do the staff a small curtesy and alert them to the time and day you will be taking the train, as some stations will decorate the cars. This will also give the stations the “heads-up” for their precious cargo.



The Yacht

Whether you are getting married on a dock, beach or at sea, a yacht adds elegance and intimacy to your wedding day. You can avoid public eyes from hotel, clubs or restaurant crowds. You can avoid traffic. There are different sized yachts, some having a limit of as low as 25 to up to 250. So you can take the yacht to your wedding, or it can pick you up and you can travel to the wedding site.

For A further experience, why not take your wedding party on a full-day luxury yacht charter on the Solent. It would make a great thank you gift as well as help everyone find their sea legs before the big day.

Does this top 5 ways to arrive at your wedding list give you ideas? Be adventurous, it’s your wedding day! May you arrive in style, on time and incredible happy.

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