Top 5 Romantic Destinations Around the World


Anyone picking a romantic destination is certainly spoilt for choice. ‘Spoilt’ also happens to be the operative word when it comes to romancing – no matter where you are or where you end up going, we like to think a ‘no holds barred’ attitude is best employed when trying to get the most out of your short time away. And, when it comes to unmitigated luxury, the following destinations never seem to disappoint.


1. New Zealand

This little country might only be marginally larger than the British Isles, but has ten times the amount of adventure, romance, and scenery in store. Before the two main islands were discovered, 80 billion years of isolation from humankind has left New Zealand’s plant and wildlife widely untouched and untamed. There still remain snowy peaks, dense rain forests, and long sandy beaches in which no human has set foot. Hobbits, wizards, and elves however have not been accounted for.

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2. South Africa

South Africa is inhabited by a proud bunch of people in just about every respect. They enjoy being known as the Rainbow Nation – a country rich in diverse cultures, languages, and landscapes. They also hold dear to their hearts the ‘Big 5’ – the buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, and rhino, which one very rarely has the chance to see outside of their natural habitat. But South Africa does not exclusively have wildlife inhabiting the fields. The country is famous for its wine, and an expanse of vineyards in the Franschhoek and Stellenbosch regions provide hard evidence as to why.

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3. Paris

You don’t need us to tell you that Paris isn’t in short supply of romance. The city of love could be the most obvious choice on the list, but when one has guaranteed access to food cooked by world-class chefs, wine provided by a nation seriously meticulous towards its beverages, and luxury hotels that that have earned the approval of highborn aristocrats, who’s to argue?

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holi festival

4. India

Much of modern Indian culture hasn’t changed within its 4,500-year history, and as a result the country is one of the most spiritual, colourful, and soul-cleansing you’ll ever visit. It is also a busy country, however, and the sheer chaos that ensues on trains, city streets, and other public places is probably a good reason as to why India has one of if not the best spa in the world.

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ellenborough park
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5. Britain

Just as London is in many regards the most attractive and fashionable place to be for everyone outside of it, those living in the capital have a huge amount of opportunity in exploring the rest of the country. We often forget, but Britain has some of the lushest, quaintest, and most tranquil countryside that one will struggle to find anywhere else. Not to mention some of the most over-the-top hotels to stay in during a luxury retreat into the country.

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