Top 5 Photography Breaks in the World


Whether you’re a point-and-shoot beginner or a budding Ansel Adams, you can explore the world, meet new people and hone your skills by taking a photography tour. You’ll learn techniques from photographers who are passionate about their trade, discovering new perspectives of stunning destinations alongside a seasoned professional. Here are our 5 favourite locations for a photography adventure, to get your imagination clicking.

5. The Jurassic Coast

jurassic coast

Explore the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, stretching 95 miles (155km) from Swanage in the East to Exmouth in the West. It tells the story of 185 million years of the Earth’s history. The site’s unique value creates a ‘walk through time’ that includes the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The varied geology also provides a spectacular laboratory of coastal change, and supports rare and important ecosystem of plants and animals.

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4. Santorini


Take to the Hellenic isle of Santorini and capture stunning scenes of the countryside, villages, and everyday life on Greece’s most beautiful island. Frame the unique cypress-topped hills and silvery olive groves as you traverse the land, taking in the exquisite details of the island’s unique architecture. The submerged slopes of Santorini provide the ideal foundation for the colorful hamlets that cling to the Mediterranean shores.

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3. Budapest


Budapest is endowed with an incomparable combination of colour and light, which provide the perfect backdrop for the city’s long list of UNESCO World heritage sites. For any photographer, the effect this has is pure magic. The vibrant Hungarian capital has a rich and varied history that is reflected in its imposing architecture and that emanates from its streets. A that city glows in the late afternoon sun, Budapest simply begs to be captured on camera.

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2. Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a remarkable juxtaposition of two clearly articulated urban planning phenomena. The contrast between the organic medieval Old Town and the planned Georgian New Town of Edinburgh provides a clarity of urban structure unrivalled in Europe. Deemed to be of such cultural significance, both sites have been granted World Heritage status by UNESCO. The Scottish Capital is a true sight to behold and a must-see for any photographer.

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1. Cambodia


A foray through the hallowed grounds of Angkor Wat, with a professional photographer leading the way, is the perfect expedition for the more adventurous shutterbug. An intoxicating mix of time-honoured tradition and creeping modernity, the Siem Reap Province is a fascinating place for a photography break. The sunrise atop the sacred temple complex is an oft scene image of this landmark. However if you venture further afield, into the adjoining forests, you will find the wild moss and towering treetops have create an otherworldly atmosphere, littered with breathtaking panoramas of lush forests and picturesque waterfalls.

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