Wedding Shopping: Top 5 Luxury Department Stores in London


There’s no denying it; the human race loves to shop, and the wedding season only seems to increase our lust for spending.
After all, those dresses, shoes, wedding cakes, and bubbly aren’t going to purchase themselves, are they? Whether you’re the bride, the groom or a guest, an upcoming wedding provides the perfect excuse to visit the not-so-everyday department stores that account for one of the capital’s biggest attractions. TRULY has narrowed the selection down to our top 5 luxury department stores in London.

1. Harrods

credit: Herry Lawford

While there is no definitive luxury department store to browse, in terms of what has everything the top choice on our list has to be, with little doubt, Harrods. Each year, 14 million shoppers enter the emporium that strives to be the ‘number one department store in the world for luxury branded merchandise’. While it has its competition, Harrods proudly holds values of tradition, culture, and a true sense of Britishness as close to its heart as anywhere else. As TRULY would put it, if you’re shopping specifically for something, it’s very difficult to travel through Harrods and leave without what you were looking for.

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2. Fortnum & Mason

credit: Herry Lawford

Fortnum’s have an incredible history spanning over 300 years that’s clearly evident in the delivery of it’s high quality service. Definitely more food-orientated than other luxury department stores, Fortnum & Mason could well be the brand of choice for wedding day essentials such as cakes, wines and spirits, hampers, and tea and coffee. Luxury food in the form of caviar and foie gras might serve as a good option to whet the guests’ appetite.

3. Harvey Nichols

harvey nicks
credit: Herry Lawford

If you’re shopping for wedding dresses in particular, just one glance at Harvey Nichols’ collection will make you feel a little spoilt for choice, because they stock just about as many brands as there are styles of dress to choose from. Visiting the department store’s restaurant to be served eggs benedict and champagne for breakfast is an attractive occupation to precede any post-shopping spree.

4. Selfridges


Somewhat lacking in its range of wedding garments, Selfridges makes up for that in just about every area. Along with being the perfect place to visit in order to chase up those odds and ends left over at the bottom of the list, Selfridges does possess an admirable taste for food, offering caviar and champagne to those weary after a good day’s worth of shopping. In addition, Selfridges has on several occasions been deemed the world’s most dependable store.

5. John Lewis

The UK’s largest department store, what John Lewis perhaps lacks in ultimate indulgence it makes up for in variety and likelihood to satisfy. Its surroundings and atmosphere are a bit shortcoming when compared to the spectacular emporiums of Harrods, Harvey Nichols, or Fortnum & Mason, but what John Lewis can boast about is that it leaves no box unticked: from room decor to confetti, to stationery and honeymoon travel insurance, this department store has just about everything.


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