Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019 by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Statement Wedding Cake

Enjoy a delicious guest post by cake empress Elizabeth Solaru. Warning: mouth-watering wedding cake ideas in 3, 2, 1….

The evolution of luxury wedding cakes over the years has been astonishing. From majestic sugar flower adorned confections to one tier wonders, the sheer variety of wedding cake choice means that expectations have been raised considerably.

At Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium our reputation for producing some of the best luxury wedding cakes means that we have to keep raising the bar in terms of originality of both cake design and cake flavours.

2019 is set to be the year when the rule book is thrown out of the window. Personalisation of luxury wedding cakes has taken a huge leap forward, as couples are keen to showcase their wedding style on social media and create Instagram ‘worthy’ moments.

Flavours are also a lot more adventurous, with inspiration coming from childhood memories, favourite flavours as well as ethical considerations, such as desiring a plant-based cake.

We have a look at some of the top ten wedding cake trends set to delight in 2019.

  1. Statement Wedding Cakes

    The last few years have seen the emergence of statement wedding cakes which are usually tall, grand, and impressive in size and scale. These cakes command attention, and although often requested by couples getting married in a palace or grand country house, we have seen couples getting married on beaches make similar requests.

  2. Multiple Wedding Cakes

    Why have one wedding cake when three, four, or even five will do? A step up from the luxury dessert table, cakescapes provide a way of having multiple complimentary wedding cake designs. They give the couple the freedom to incorporate their favourite design details and cake flavours.

  3. Monogram Magic Wedding Cakes

    Monogrammed cakes are the ultimate in personalisation. Although monograms have been used on luxury wedding cakes for a while, its repeated use on Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding cake brought it to the mainstream.   

    Monogram Magic Wedding Cake

  4. Sophisticated Donut Towers

    The humble donut had always felt like a poor relative next to its more modern and chic sister, the macaron. However, as we hark back to our favourite childhood flavours, there is a wish to incorporate them into our celebrations. The donut has now been transformed from an ugly duckling into an elegant swan, with an increasing number of couples requesting them.

  5. Bold and Colourful Wedding Cakes

    At Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, we are known for making bright and colourful wedding cakes for couples who are looking for something off the beaten track. Colour is a fabulous way to add character to your wedding cake. The colour of your wedding cake is also influenced by your reception theme, the venue and the time of year you are getting married. As the rule book has been torn up in 2019, a vibrant cake colour is also a way to push boundaries and add an element of non-conformity.

    Bold and Beautiful Green Tiered Wedding Cake

  6. Living Coral Wedding Cakes

    Pantone recently declared Living Coral as the colour of the year 2019.  With its hues of deep peach and pink, we will see this colour used in product development, in the fashion industry, home furnishings, graphic design and we daresay, in the wedding industry too. Once again, we seem to be ahead of the curve and featured this colour in our book OPULENCIA – Artisan Baking and Sugarcraft.

    Living Coral Cake wedding cake trend

  7. Floral Fantasy Wedding Cakes

    It was lovely to see the art of sugar flowers being revived in luxury wedding cakes, and a great example was Princess Eugenie’s autumnal floral fantasy. Sugar flowers have always been a firm favourite with us, and while the most popular sugar flowers we use on wedding cakes include the rose, peony, dahlia and the hydrangea, we also create more exotic ones such as parrot tulips, ranunculi, and Chinese lanterns.

    Floral Fantasy Wedding Cake

  8. Wondrous White Textured Wedding Cakes

    Traditionally, luxury wedding cakes as popularised by Queen Victoria had always been white as it denoted purity. It was also a status symbol as only wealthy families could afford pure white sugar. While still a popular cake colour, it can look rather flat in photographs. In 2019, brides love the fact that adding texture in various forms can elevate a cake and add dimension. Textures can be in the form of sugar ruffles, frills, geodes, torn edible wafer, pearls, or even edible sequins.

    Textured White Wedding Cake

  9. Painted Wedding Cakes

    Hand painted cakes are such a delight to behold. From watercolour washes, painted flowers, scripted prints and contemporary graphics, painted cakes are edible works of art. They delight and astonish guests and will continue to grow in popularity in 2019.

    Gold Painted Wedding Cake

  10. Unconventional Shaped Wedding Cakes

    Wedding cake shapes can range from round, oblong, heart and petal shaped to the more geometric square, hexagons and octagons. Round is the much-preferred shape by many couples as it the shape of a wedding ring; it denotes a continuous circle of unbroken love. However, some brides are brave enough to opt for unique, unconventional cake shapes as they break away from the norm.

    Unconventional Pillow Wedding Cake

    So there you have it! We have shared our thoughts on what we see as the wedding cake trends for 2019 and hope this provides some inspiration for you. If you are getting married in the near future, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation at [email protected] or by speaking with us at 07958069116.

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