Top 10 Anniversary Getaways

An anniversary getaway should mark the occasion with a fittingly momentous celebration. Here at TRULY, our dedicated concierge team devote days at a time to researching and creating only the finest holidays that suit the occasion perfectly. With this in mind, we asked the team to share the most romantic, indulgent and unforgettable destinations to ensure your anniversary break is truly memorable. See our top 10 anniversary getaways below.

10. Langkawi, Malaysia

We begin our tour of the most romantic getaways with Langkawi, a stunning northern Malaysian island. This jewel of the Andaman Sea is synonymous with tropical paradise. Indulge in a serene and luxurious trip, while exploring some of the finest untouched nature in Asia.

You can ascend on the island’s cable cars, taking a vertiginous ride to the peak of the island’s protruding mountains. The ride offers spectacular views of the surrounding lush mountain greenery from your gondola. Alternatively, take a dip under the dazzling Seven Wells waterfall that cascades from a 90 metre vantage point before meeting the luscious lagoon below.

Ideal for… Nature lovers’ anniversary. With waterfalls, caves, jungle, mountains, beaches, sea and, of course, amazing views, Langkawi is a great fit for those who appreciate nature.

9. Honolulu, Hawaii

anniversaryhawaiiSugary beaches, vividly coloured coral reefs and stunning rising volcanoes all contribute to the celestial appeal of Hawaii. A truly romantic location to spend a memorable anniversary getaway, you can stroll on the white-sand beaches – letting the pristine, transparent water massage your feet as the gentle waves roll in.

Get active together by climbing a volcanic crater, diving in the cobalt blue sea, or surfing the high waves. Perhaps the best way to cap off an anniversary break in Hawaii, however, is to enjoy a romantic beachside dinner as the sun dips below the horizon to reveal a star-studded sky.

Ideal for… Active anniversary. Out in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii hosts the perfect coastline for diving, snorkelling, surfing and various other activities.

8. Cinque Terre, Italy

anniversarycinqueterrePerched atop 18km of jagged cliffs, Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s finest bijou gems. Surrounded by beautiful olive groves and vineyards, the region is a picture of seductive sunsets, teal green sea, snaggy mountains, bucolic countryside, gourmet dining and fine wine.

For a memorable anniversary, learn how to prepare and cook the speciality seafood for which Cinque Terre is famed, visit the local market to pick out the finest local ingredients and, finally, rustle up your own vision of fine dining excellence.

Ideal for… Foodies’ anniversary. The appetising Italian cuisine of Cinque Terre imbues the stunning scenery of the region.

7. Barcelona

anniversarybarcaFall for the architectural charms of stunning Mediterranean Barcelona, a city with the perfect balance of cultural allure and blissful relaxation, for a varied anniversary break. Climb the spiralling staircase of La Sagrada Familia, home of an unfinished symphony of Gaudi’s modernist high notes, and potter together in the nooks and crannies.

Head for a romantic stroll through the Park Güell, admiring the natural scenery and surreal architecture. Or relax on one of the city’s pretty beaches, for a serene anniversary love in. An ideal way to record all of these memorable moments together is on a leisurely photography tour of the city.

Ideal for… Cultural anniversary. The gorgeous architecture throughout Barcelona is a Catalonian highlight.

6. Prague

anniversarypragueThe bohemian city of Prague, with its enchanting cobbled streets and hidden courtyards, offers the perfect romantic setting amidst gothic spires that lance the clouds and a smorgasbord of delightful architecture. Prague boasts a picturesque backdrop for a memorable anniversary break.

Enjoy an exquisite dinner by the river, or sample the city’s fantastic collection of art, from Gothic masterpieces in the Convent of St. Agnes, to sumptuous art nouveau and striking surrealism in the Veletržní Palác. The Czech capital is the ideal city for romantic wanders, with its maze of beguiling zigzagging narrow cobblestone lanes. Just a short amble from the Old Town Square, you can find ancient churches, mystical gardens, chic bars and charming street cafes.

Ideal for… Art lovers’ anniversary. Prague is a city inspired by Bohemian and Gothic art. While this is showcased in the wonderful galleries, a sense for the artistic impression of these styles pervades the whole of the city.

5. Paris

anniversaryparisParis’s reputation as one of the most romantic cities in the world does not disappoint. With famous landmarks at every turn, an anniversary trip up the Eiffel Tower and into Notre Dame may be clichéd but is also dreamily perfect. A romantic boat cruise down the seductive Seine with fine vin rouge paired with cheese makes a delightful treat and Montmartre, atop a hill at the north of the city, offers stunning views to share with your loved one.

Paris also boasts some of the world’s finest cuisine and a plethora of restaurants to showcase it: the ideal setting for a passionate, celebratory anniversary meal. And if eating the cuisine isn’t enough, you can try your hand at French pastry and dessert making.

Ideal for… Extra romantic anniversary. The city of love, speaking the language of love. Paris is a city full of starry eyed couples enjoying a romantic getaway.

4. Barbados

anniversarybarbadosRomance is always in the air on this captivating Caribbean island. Barbados is the perfect destination for a relaxing, private anniversary break for just the two of you. Luxuriate on the tranquil settings of a beach, as the crystal clear water laps gently onto the smooth white sand.

Head for classic British afternoon tea or tune in to the euphonious sounds of calypso while you sip on local rum. If you want to enjoy some recreation time together, the island hosts a wide range of activities amidst its rolling limestone hills and along its gorgeous coastline.

Ideal for… Beach lovers. With some of the world’s most stunning beaches, Barbados is perfect for relaxing days by the sea.

3. Iceland Escape

anniversaryicelandThe mythical kingdom of Iceland offers a deeply personal experience for anniversary celebrations. A country still in the making, the natural elements work in euphony to power the volcano island. Beautiful rock formations jut out beyond gushing geysers and silent flowing fjords, while glaciers cling to towering mountains.

There can be few more romantic destinations than the Rejkjadalur valley, where the hot springs mean you can relax all year round. Head there in wintertime, when the valley is covered in crisp snow but you can take a soothing soak in a steaming lagoon and view one of nature’s finest shows: a private audience with the dancing northern lights above.

Ideal for… Back to nature anniversary. With rock formations, snow, lagoons, fjords, forests and, of course, one giant volcano, Iceland is the beautiful natural world as it should be.

2. Bruges

anniversarybrugesA magical medieval city, Bruges is a quaint picture of cobbled lanes and canals, stunning architecture and rich history. Take an idyllic walk along the misty canal banks, to dreamy hidden spots with tall trees, secret benches, mysterious artwork and gorgeous buildings. Spy on tourist boats, as they pass by on the dreamy water, and stray pedestrians, as they search for the next seductive street side café.

Head to the idyllic market squares, with their beautiful old towers, almhouses and tollhouses and share some of the delicious waffles, tempting chocolate and full-bodied beer for which Belgium is famous. To complete the fairytale anniversary break, immerse yourself in the city with a ride by horse-drawn carriage. Soak up the serene atmosphere, as the gentle clatter of hooves echo throughout the Burgundian day.

Ideal for… Dreamy anniversary. The ultimate folk tale city, Bruges’s narrow, twisting alleys, foggy canals and lovely market squares all contribute to a dreamlike break.

1. Venice

anniversaryveniceThe finest of our top 10 anniversary getaways is a trip to the ancient island of Venice. A gondola ride for two along Venice’s labyrinthine network of canals, punting serenely past stunning baroque and Renaissance architecture, is surely the idyllic romantic imagination. But that isn’t all that this ancient city, built upon timeworn posts driven deep into the baroque, can offer for an inimitable anniversary break.

Wander the alleyways to spot artisans and musicians and view some of the world’s finest art at the Church of Frari. Marvel at the craftsmanship behind the famous Venetian masks and even try your hand at creating one for yourself. Await the glorious golden sunset on St. Mark’s Square while you wonder at the sheer allure of the domes of the Basilica San Marco or the ornate Doge’s Palace. Sip on tea in the meantime, at a piazza café, serenaded by the mellifluous sounds of the street orchestras.

Ideal for… Cultured romantic anniversary. There can’t be many things in the romantic imagination that surpass being serenaded aboard a gondola on the canals of Venice. The city island also has a lot of culture too, though, with some of the finest art and architecture in the world.

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  1. Totally agree with the number one choice, Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic places I’ve ever been. Love the list

  2. Definitely agree with Langkawi, such a hidden gem in the Andaman Sea. Beautiful island with so much great nature to see

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