Say hello to the new Truly!

In the past four years, we have curated and created the most amazing experiences for our clients, serving happy customers in London, New York and Toronto!  Where else can you purchase a whisky tasting with a whisky sommelier, write, film and star in your own television sitcom or become a spy?! We are very proud of each and every one of the lasting memories we’ve helped you make.

We have gained not only expertise in the industry, but also insight into where it is heading. We want the look and feel of the Truly brand to reflect our company values and extraordinary customers. That’s why we’ve created the new Truly. We hope you like it, and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Reason #1: The Changing World of Luxury
Gone are the days of stuffy, inaccessible luxury goods. There has been a noticeable shift in the industry- with the trend moving away from simply collecting more “stuff,” and towards collecting memories. Customers are searching for the very best and most authentic experiences. We wanted the new Truly to reflect our premium offerings.

Reason #2: Our Values
At Truly we stand for: premium experiences, personal service, and authenticity. With extensive, expert knowledge of the restaurant, travel, and leisure industries, we scour the globe to bring you the best experiences on offer. On top of this, our first-rate, personable concierge team is on hand to handle bookings, questions, and to arrange any special requests! We wanted the new Truly to reflect our authentic approach.

Reason #3: Our Amazing Clients
Our clients look to us for assistance and expertise. We want them to feel welcome when they visit the Truly site; and so excited when they see that iconic Truly gift box! We wanted the new Truly to reflect our passion for what we do.

new box
The new gift box design

THE HOW – The Design Elements and Process

To implement the new branding strategy, we worked with the experts at Proxy Ventures! Here’s Dan from Proxy’s take on how it all came together…


We started this process by immersing ourselves in Truly’s vision, gaining an understanding of the company’s ambition, gaining insights into what makes it a unique and outstanding choice in the experience and gifting field. We began with interview sessions; putting probing questions to the Truly team. The answers formed the basis of a branding workshop.

Exploration looking at different handwriting styles
Looking at different handwriting styles

The Truly Spirit

There’s a bespoke, tailored spirit that is evident throughout the company – nothing is out of scope. Everything is handpicked, and it would only be natural for the brand to reflect this.

Refinements to the chosen handwriting style
Refinements to the chosen style

Aesthetic execution

Any logo we created should reflect the bespoke, tailored nature of Truly. A signature is proof of authenticity, quality and personalisation, and this seemed a natural starting point. We worked with the lettering artist Rob Clarke to test out many different styles of handwriting. It was important that the end result felt refined and timelessly modern – Truly is not a company focused on ‘old school luxury’.

Impact of Colour

The brand was deployed with a colour palette of warm greys and a punctuating bright yellow, to stand out in a sector dominated by red. Large real estate is given to imagery, placing the viewer into the experiences on offer.

TRU-Brochure-detail blog
The final logo in context


TRU-Brochure-Spreads blog
A punctuating yellow accent colour injects colour, while setting the brand off against the marketplace


The result is a brand that is premium, not pretentious, a confident and aspirational lifestyle brand. Authentic, warm, and classic – bespoke and trustworthy but never garish or brash, a constant reminder of the bespoke nature of the service.

On behalf of the whole Truly Team, we hope you love the new look!

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  1. Love the re-brand. Understated and synonymous with the ethos of the brand. Keep up the good work and providing the best experiences out there!

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