The Art of Christmas Gifting

Christmas Tree

The Christmas period can be more stressful than it ought to be. So we’ve come up with some handy tips to ensure the art of Christmas gifting is mastered this year.

Review who you are buying for

before hitting the shops or the internet, consider who you actually need to buy for. If you haven’t seen someone in over year, are you actually going to be able to give them the gift? Have you exchanged birthday presents in the last year – or even cards or texts – with that person? If you haven’t then maybe you don’t need to buy them a Christmas present.

Don’t match spending

There are some wealthy people out there but there are always richer people around the corner. If you want to spend big then that’s great but don’t do it expecting it to be reciprocated. A thoughtful gift is often more appreciated than a hugely expensive one.

Include a gift receipt

Different to an actual receipt, it allows the recipient to take the gift back and exchange it for a different size, colour or even something of a comparable price all without them knowing the price of the item. It means any awkward situations are avoided on the big day as well. All of TRULY’s gifts can be exchanged for a different experience no questions asked.

Buy for a couple

Buying for a couple instead of two individuals has become quite a trend in recent years and at Christmas it can be nice to buy for the couple. A gift experience or a shared interest can be a thoughtful and appreciated present, such as a shared spa suite for the pair.

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Practical presents

Sometimes a practical present can be really appreciated – maybe the person is just starting out in a new home or someone is embarking on a new career and needs new work clothes. Presents for people in these situations not only show that you’re aware of their situation but it is thoughtful to be considerate to their needs at this time.

Follow workplace policies

If you have worked somewhere for a period of time you should have picked up on what is acceptable present giving, for birthdays and Christmas. Giving your boss a Christmas present is normally slightly frowned upon unless it’s being done as a ‘team/department’ gesture.

Don’t ask what they want

This really only applies to co-workers as it can add some pressure so they feel obliged to get you something. Asking family members or friends is obviously justified so you make sure that you get them something they want.

Be honest with regards surprise presents

If you get given a surprise Christmas present but don’t have one to give them, just be honest and say you’re surprised and a touched embarrassed. With New Year a week away you could always use that opportunity to send them a New Year gift.

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