Ten Best Christmas Gifts for Couples

No matter what your mother says, no bride and groom in today’s day and age want to receive a china tea set.

It’s boring, it clutters up the house, and it’ll probably only get brought out from the dark, dusty corners of a cupboard when you pop round for tea. And that’s just to protect your feelings.

So what do you get for the happy couple that has everything? Matching socks? His and Her bathrobes? Here’s an idea – how about something that they’ll actually enjoy and remember.

Psychological studies show us that experiences bring a lot more enduring happiness than material purchases. While happiness over material items quickly fades, memories of that epic adventure to Machu Picchu with bae will bring a smile to anyone’s face for a lifetime.

No matter if they’re that crazy adventure-seeking couple who love to live on the edge, or a pair of pompous foodies that take fine dining to a new level, there’s an exciting experience for every couple out there.

To help you find the perfect present for the holiday season, we’ve rounded up our top ten Christmas gifts for him and her that will have them thanking you for years to come.

1. Get Lost Getaway

Let’s face it – the rat race today is real. Couples have to worry about their mortgages, their jobs, their newborn babies and even their in-laws. That’s enough to put serious strain on any relationship.

Whether it’s getting away for a weekend or totally escaping life for a couple of weeks, having some alone time with your significant other in a new environment can do wonders. Not only does it strengthen a relationship, it’s even been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease in men, and improve mental health in women. Hooray for a getaway!

And no, a romantic getaway doesn’t mean the cliche Spanish beach holiday, lazing under the sun with a pina colada in your hand (although that does sound great, doesn’t it?) How about something totally unique, like a luxury sailing adventure on Lake Garda, or stargazing from a historic castle in Scotland?

The world is their oyster, and we’ve already found the pearls.

Exotic Getaway

 2. Pampering Pair

What could be better than being surrounded by aromatic candles, soft lighting and a personal masseuse working on your knots?

Sharing the moment with your beloved.

Couple spa treatments are designed to encourage complete relaxation and intimacy, providing a space for long-lasting bonds to form. Instead of worrying about the past and the future, romantic spa days encourage couples to turn their attention to the present and become totally mindful of their loved one.

On top of relieving any muscle tension, massages cause a release of oxytocin, the “love hormone”, in the body. This powerful chemical creates calmness, happiness and powerful bonds.

A modern-day, all natural love potion.

 3. Fine Dining Foodies

We all have those friends. The ones who won’t shut up about the latest, hottest restaurant that they’ve just managed to get a table at, or that sublime haute cuisine that was ‘to die for’.

Why not give your foodie friends an evening they’ll never forget with a tantalising tasting menu from one of the world’s most decorated Michelin-star chefs?

Let them lovingly gaze into each other’s eyes as they dine over fanciful food and famous foie gras. Just be prepared for them to not stop talking about the culinary experience for a long, long time.

Michelin-Starred Cuisine

4. History Heros

Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

History is filled with love stories that have stood the test of time.

Going back in time and uncovering unknown secrets of a time long gone has a sense of romanticism that the current day and age just can’t quite capture. For a couple of history buffs that think they know it all, treat them to a private curator-led tour through some of the most fascinating eras of the ancient world.

Alternatively, gift them with an unforgettable weekend break in one of the most beautiful historic cities – Cambridge. Sipping on a glass of bubbly, a sunset punting journey down the River Cam provides picturesque views of the university town’s gorgeous gothic architecture.

Hand in hand, they’ll stroll through the cobbled streets drenched in history, as they whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Punting Down the River Cam

5. Cooking Companion

Give a couple a meal and you feed them for a day. Teach a couple to cook and you feed them for a lifetime!

Nothing says “I love you” like a home cooked meal, but unfortunately not everyone has the same natural knack for cooking as Nigella and Jamie Oliver.

To help them on their way, treat your friends to an interactive cooking masterclass. A sprinkle of fun, and a teaspoon of love, it’s a recipe for success that will spice up any relationship.

As one of our absolute favourite wedding gifts for couples, a cooking class is fun, romantic, and they get to take home a priceless set of cooking skills for dinner time. This is 2018 and we think both Mr. and Mrs. have a place in the kitchen!

Couples Cooking Class

6. Sporty Sweethearts

Love. Set. Match!

Couples who share a love for a specific sport are already well on their way to a happy, long relationship. Give them the opportunity to solidify their passionate support for the same team. Or better yet, introduce them to a totally new sporting hobby they can do together in their spare time.

Ok, we’re not talking about sitting amongst masses of rowdy football fanatics, getting fired up over beer and banter. That doesn’t really scream romance, does it?

We’re talking about heart racing, adrenaline pumping, totally unforgettable sporting experiences that will drive their love to a whole new level.

Daring, dangerous and death-dying, treat adventure seekers to an enthralling mountain biking adventure in Bolivia. Together they can claim they tackled the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’. Now that’s one major tick off the couples bucket list.

For the more conventional sporty couple, give them a spectacular multi-dimensional tour of one of the world’s oldest, most prestigious tennis grounds, Wimbledon. Perhaps they’ll be inspired by the love of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf to become tennis’ next ultimate poster couple. Here’s hoping!

Tennis Tour

7. Natural Nature Lovers

One of the best ways to get in touch with each other is to get in touch with nature. Escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and throwing yourself into the great outdoors can really clear the mind, giving a couple a whole new perspective of what’s really important in life.

For animal lovers who enjoy taking a walk on the wild side, surprise them with a fierce jaguar tracking in the heart of South America’s foremost wildlife sanctuary. Amongst the calls of colourful macaws, under a sky full of stars, the adventure-seeking couple will fall in love all over again.

If that’s a bit too wild, let them canoodle on a fairytale horse-drawn carriage through the picturesque Sussex countryside. Throw in some bubbly and a private picnic and you’ve got the ultimate perfect date.

Horse-drawn Carriage

8. Art Admirers

Van Gogh once declared “there is nothing more artistic than to love others”. Well we think there is nothing more romantic than to love art!

For some serious art fans, indulge them in a private discovery of some of the world’s most romantic pieces of art. Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’, ‘Love’ by Robert Indiana, ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Sandro Botticelli.

All iconic and all totally inspirational pieces of all-encompassing romance.

For the more contemporary couple, give them a totally unique opportunity to work with fashionable artist Alec Doherty. After getting the creative juices flowing, they’ll receive a totally bespoke piece of bold, colourful furniture. The perfect arty addition to their new home together.

Art by Alec Doherty

9. Film Fanatics

It’s the oldest (but most successful) move in the book – taking your crush to the movies. Your hands brush as you reach for the popcorn. You pull “the move” and put your arm around their shoulders. You pull in close during the particularly scary part. It’s the perfect romantic evening.

Give the lovers a chance to relive that first movie date night, but with a touch of sophistication. Plush leather armchairs, buttery hot popcorn and state-of-the-art screening rooms make for a luxury cinematic experience that the couple will never forget.

Add to that a romantic meal before or after the movie and their standards for date night will never be the same again.

Movie Night

10. Cheers Cherubs

When it comes to engagement gifts for couples, nothing says “Congrats!” like an expensive bottle of bubbly. But that can disappear in just a few clinks of a glass.

Give the happy couple an entire afternoon of fizzy fun with an exclusive champagne tasting flight, paired with a board French artisan cheeses. The combination of fizz and fromage will make them feel as though you’ve bought them an afternoon trip to Paris!

If bubbly doesn’t tickle their fancy, there’s plenty to more exciting tipples that’ll get them in the mood. A mixology masterclass will shake up their relationship in all the right ways, while a beer tasting with bar snacks is the perfect pairing for any craft loving couple.

Bottoms up!

Champagne Tasting

Purchase the Perfect Christmas Gift for Couples

What do you get the couple that has everything and more? A bespoke experience like nothing else they’ve ever had.

Forget that wedding registry filled with kitchen appliances, dinnerware and other cliche materialistic objects that your friends don’t actually need. They’re outdated, unexciting and may we say a little bit sexist.

Invest in a fun-filled adventure that they can share together, creating memories that will last a lifetime. It’ll show them that you’ve actually taken the time to think of a gift that’s just perfect for them.

And that’s absolutely priceless.

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