6 Not to be Missed Gin Bars in London

Want to savour a gin and tonic done the right way?! See what all of the fuss is about with a drink at one of the best gin bars in London.

Here are just a few great spots to taste the best gins in London!

1. East London Liquor Company

Newcomers on the scene, the ELLC produce three of their own gins. You can sip these tasty gins while admiring the two gleaming stills behind the bar. There is a bar onsite serving up their own spirits, as well as superb varieties from all over the world.

2. Jensen’s Gin

Jensen’s is one of the most acclaimed distilleries in London and it offers special behind the scenes tours, showcasing how Christian Jensen’s gin is created. Try the full range of the collection, including Bermondsey Dry Gin, the 1840’s inspired Old Tom Gin, and a range of other flavored experimental elixirs.


3. City of London Distillery

This was the first new gin distillery to open in London since the 18th century, and the only one in the Square Mile. They have created a wonderful London Dry that is infused with fruity flavors such as lemon, pink grapefruit and fresh orange. C.O.L.D offers you the chance to distill your own bottle of gin as well!

4. Merchant House

This cool basement bar has old-fashioned charm and around 220 gins and rums to keep you going. Sit back and sip a gin based martini or G&T. Merchant House offers a masterclass gin tasting featuring five different styles of European gin, as well as a vintage gin bottled in the 1950s.


5. Graphic

This stylish modern bar has a dazzling collection of around 180 different types of gin – the most extensive collection in the UK. They even have a gin bible you can use as a reference for choosing the right one. Join the Juniper Club on Mondays for masterclasses and tastings.

6. The Portobello Star

This is another gin bar that doesn’t just serve gin, it makes it as well. Their Portobello Road No. 171 gin is distilled upstairs and they serve many cocktails featuring the unique spirit. The Portobello Star is also home to “The Ginstitute” which is a museum devoted to gin.

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